I new ways to approach working in a Special

I had lots of fun experiencing and observing the Special Education Class. I learned a lot of new ways to approach special needs teenagers, and I met new people that I didn’t know. All the teens in that class are wonderful and intelligent students. They are each unique and kind-hearted. The thing that what I liked the most during observation was being able to learn new ways to approach working in a Special Ed classroom, and being able to have fun with them playing games. I love when they got up and got their favorite games with excitement and we played with them all class period. I also loved when they asked us questions about ourselves just because they wanted to know about us. I really liked playing Uno with them especially since I’m good at it. There were so many times where we would play Uno and there are good memories from playing with them. Like times when they beat some of us ECE students and had mini celebrations. Or when they lost and fake cried or sulked. The classroom has really great classroom atmospheres, mean of all the students were attentive, and eager to learn.Being new into the classroom, I was curious to how the students would act toward me and treat me in their class. I was surprised when they welcomed me in like I had been there for years.There were also times when they showed us new things we didn’t know how to do like when some of them knew how to shuffle cards and showed us with lots of confidence and laughed at our failed attempts to do the exact same thing.There were so many good memories in that class that it makes me laugh just thinking about them. They always made me laugh because they are such bright and caring students. The thing that I disliked the most was not being with them longer. I was always having so much fun with them it felt very short lived.  I loved spending all those 3 weeks with them I would have loved it if working with them was a class. All of the students are affectionate and loving and I love to be around their positive attitudes. Overall it was a great experience being able to go up there every three weeks and being able to see and spend time with them. I also got closer to some of them to where when they see me outside of the classroom they always say “Hey”. Some of them even tell me how their day is going and even go on to ask me how my day is. One of the students even sits at the table with me in the morning’s and talks to me and some of my friends. It’s really cool to know that you made enough of an impact on their life to where they remember you and want to know more about you.Being with them really changed some of my ideas about education a lot. It opened my eyes and showed me that even though we all come to school to learn new things we can also have a lot of fun too. Even though we only play games you could tell by their face that they were excited to play games with us and just to be able to enjoy their time here at school. They get to feel like the rest of the students at Walnut Grove High School. There are probably many times that they are treated like aliens our dumb people because they are different or “Retarded”. They are just like us and everyone should treat them like they are the kind intelligent young adults they are. After observing them noticed that if I were to go into the teaching field, Special Education would definitely be one of my main choices. These students reminded me that I should be grateful for everything I have and I should always smile and have a positive attitude. I wish only the best for each and every one of those students and I hope they are very successful in life.