I my own company and want to recruit and

I am David Abdelmassih, a student in the Financial Markets and Institutions (FMI) Program at Helwan University, I am a zealous young man and passionate to know about various people and cultures. I want to make new friends(I am someone who can make friends even at a bus stop) and want to share my Egyptian culture with others and want to learn about different cultures. I have a big desire to make the world a better place to live and want to bridge gaps between different cultures.I am currently studying finance and want to continue the same field of study in future. I am willing in doing my master studies at a big university, and would like make an efficacious contribution to research work in the major of Finance.I belong to a country where people do not like to take a risk, and after their studies are usually looking for stable jobs in the government sector. But, I’m a bit different and want to take challenges. Instead of being hired by someone else, I want to start my own company and want to recruit and direct other people. I want to create a team of young people who have the same passion, who commit difficult tasks and are ready to compete in today’s highly competitive environment. The United States of America is truly a leader in all walks of life; whether it be science, technology and economy. The whole world looks towards the United States when it comes to the state of art in any field. Though, to be honest I have some disliking for some United States government policies but have a high degree of respect for United States citizens and their values. There is no doubt that the United States has a significant impact on the creation of a free and civilized world.I have a curious mind, owing to which I have a number of hobbies and interests. I’m a passionate learner, I spend a lot of time to learn about history, philosophy, and politics. I love traveling which has led me to acquire skills like hiking, and photography. I also watch a lot of movies. I take this opportunity with the utmost appreciation. If I have the opportunity, I will prove vital in my own development and serve as a catalyst for development as a person. This program will polish my social skills and help me achieve my future aspirations. I am really excited about the idea of blending in a new community, exposure to a new culture and the study experience of in the U.S.A. I will try to sponge all the goodness I come across and I wish to spread it in my community when I come back. I assure you, that I will contribute to the program with all my heart and reciprocate the experience by acting as a true ambassador of my country. I realize the potential this program offers and I am certain I will take full advantage of it.