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i have chosen to study a business-related course as I have been inspired and interested in this subject from an early age. I have always been interested in the way the business world operates among our life every day. This has led me to study business as one of my GCSE subject when the understanding of the business world became clearer to me and when I made the decision to expand my knowledge and career by continuing to study business for my higher studies. I believe that I have strong qualities and necessary characteristics to maintain a leading career in the field. Studying business will lead me to deeper understanding and knowledge in business operations as well as obtaining professionalism in areas such as management, customers, finance, business policy, communication and IT, markets etc. I have also been inspired to fulfil this path by my grandad who is a successful sole trader of a clothing retail business in India and by achieving a business degree at university I believe that I can develop and enhance my career by working with him in the business as well as gaining valuable business experience. During the year 2016, I participated in the National Citizen Service (NCS) programme. It was a 3-week programme of activities that provided me with opportunities and life experience that gave me a chance to improve my communication, team work skills, personal development and my independence and confidence. I also had the opportunity to work with a local business, The Wild Goose Café, which is drop-in business that provides free hot meals, shower facilities, clothing and toiletries for those in extreme poverty and need. Being part of the Wild Goose Café, has given me a better understanding in how a business can operate and function, how they are able to become successful and the main factors that allows a business to expand and grow. I have developed skills that I otherwise would not have, and in turn have grown as a person after completing the programme and I strongly believe this will have a benefit on my business career.  In addition, I have also earned some work experience from my uncles travel agency business, within the customer care department. I have managed to deal with customer complaints, enquires and the booking and cancellation services. I believe that I developed important skills like organisational and communication skills while dealing with customers. I also know that this was a great opportunity and experience for me as in the future I’m definitely sure I would have to overcome a similar situation in my business career. I’m currently completing an Access to HE course on business studies and I can certainly say that the course is preparing and giving me deeper guidance that will benefit me with studying business at university. My knowledge in writing clear academic reports and essays with accurate referencing has improved since I have been doing this course. The course has not only allowed me to see how much I enjoy business, but wish to further my education. The study of Business at University will help me to proceed with my main ambition, which is to start my own business and to become a successful entrepreneur. Meeting new people, understanding different cultures, working in a team, improving personal qualities would be few of the major benefits I will obtain from being at University and I believe that all of them are essential in the business field. I’m a committed, diligent, ambitious and hardworking individual that is extremely passionate and dedicated to studying business. I look forward to starting the course at university and overcoming any challenges the degree has to offer. I’m also aware that University will not only allow me to get into a career I love but will also enable me to increase my knowledge and be more independent so that I could overcome any difficulties which I’m sure I will have in my business career.