I my CV (attached). I found this apprenticeship on

I am writing to you as I have a high interest in the Digital Innovation apprenticeship you have to offer. I am currently an A2 student in Kingsbury High School studying Business, Computer Science and Mathematics and on track to complete my studies in June 2018 as mentioned in my CV (attached).


I found this apprenticeship on the notgoingtouni website and I believe I am a firm candidate able to take this on confidently. My capabilities include strong problem-solving skills which are best shown through…

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I also have good communication skills which I am continuing to further develop by volunteering to help young children learn Gujarati, which may be a new language to the children. I have also gained experience through customer service whilst working in a family-owned online retail business, where listen to the customer requirements and provide appropriate solutions to any given scenario.  I have a different approach to communication with children in comparison to colleagues. This shows I can adapt to situations and assess how to approach a situation and the best form of communication.

Additionally, from this, I believe I have gained…


Being a self-motivated individual has led me to complete a CISCO course outside of my studies as this has allowed me to work individually to learn new skills. This has given me an advantage whilst in classes as I have developed a vast range of technical skills from networks to software and security. I am a confident coder in Python and Monkey-x in which I have completed a major task, involving making a game, for my school coursework. Further to this, I have in my lessons a have learnt to code in Java and Visual Basic and therefore I have beginners’ knowledge within these languages.


Aside academic studies, I am a committed and active member of Shree Muktajeevan Swamibapa Pipe Band. Alongside over 60 other members in London and over 200 globally, I have performed in grand congregations locally and worldwide playing the tenor drums. Since joining in 2014, I have been given great opportunities to perform in events including Wembley Stadium, London’s New Years’ Day Parade and (something). I am proud to be a part of this community with such amazing opportunities where not only am I taught how to play an instrument, but discipline, adherence to strict instructions (and something) are integrated into my skillset.


With my knowledge, experience and determination to learn, I believe Google is the best opportunity for me to progress and learn. It will provide a platform to further develop my innovative skills in the digital industry and I have faith that I can make a positive change to the future of this industry.