I language-related problems that I had observed teaching at

I am very attached to English language because it carries enchantment and logic. While the study of languages seems monotonous and fastidious to many people, to me it is an endless ocean of amusement. My appreciation of English study originated from my fascination to literary aestheticism. W.Shakespeare and his plays, W.Whitman and his philosophy, the curious stories of E.Poe, the magnetism of O.Wilde’s plays and the analytical novels of J.Joyce, V.Woolf and D.Lawrence, they displayed to me the exquisite examination of writers on nature, journeying me to the underworldly beauty of the venturesome life. It is authentically this satisfaction of the English charm appearing from my reading of literary classics that motivated me to choose a profession of an English teacher. With my strong interests and incessant persistence, I did very well in my academic performance, holding a Bachelor’s degree of Philology & Qualification of a Teacher awarded with honor. Moreover, the school where I did my internship offered me an opportunity to work. I consider that part of my life both fascinating and challenging. I developed impressive methods for teaching concepts, explaining the basics of English through creative approaches, and giving extra guidance as required, so as not leave any student behind.  As time went by, I found that I wanted to further develop my understanding of  teaching English and to research the various language-related problems that I had observed teaching at school. Thus, I started to prepare for the TOEFL examination for doing Master’s Program offered by AUA. Furthermore, it is important for me to mention that for strengthening my knowledge of English I did a lot of volunteering and participated in many trainings, seminars, and workshops related to education, peacebuilding and effective communication. To illustrate, I worked one month as a volunteer translator in CAU NGO, I participated in “One week in Aghveran” event organized by Wikimedia Armenia and created 5 articles doing translation from English into Armenian, afterwards from september 2017 till now I enjoy teaching English as a volunteer in TNY Language House in several different levels which not only have developed in me the ability to quickly adapt, to think on my feet, but have been given me greater insight into the challenges facing those wanting to learn English. Likewise, it was a great honor for me to attend British Council Armenia’s 2017 Annual Professional Development event delivered by Jeremy Harmer from 10 to 12 November, in “What National Geographic Can Do for Your English Language Classroom and Power of the Image” seminar delivered by Tim Pearse and theater based training organized by Y-peer Armenia 20-25 January, 2018 called “Dialogue through Theater” the goal of which was to educate peace and build dialogue among youth.These three highly significant events are very valuable for me as they greatly changed my understanding of teaching and life itself.Considering the present English teaching conditions in Armenia, I think the key for students to effectively study English is motivation and fun. To attain this goal, for a person like me, determined to be an English teacher, it is of crucial importance to regularly study the advanced teaching courses such as TEFL Methodology, Classroom Assessment, English Grammar Structure & Pedagogy, etc. American University of Armenia draws my attention exactly in that and  it provides the courses that suit me best.It is my aim to eventually become one of the strongest teachers in Armenia, researching the different aspects of English, and how it is learned and taught.  I will be very thankful if you could give me that opportunity to study in AUA, and reach to my  destination.