I know I might not be the most famous

I think you should accept me to the HCNations staff team because I am familiar with the staff team, community and server in general. I know I might not be the most famous player on the server, but trust me, I have been playing on HCNations and all previous servers owned by KJ for a very long time.Since I am so familiar with the staff team and how the server works (because I have been staff on KJ’s HCF servers before), I can learn all the server features extremely easy because I already know how most of the server is functioned. Other than knowing the server and the higher up staff team well, I think you should accept me because of the dedication, effort and time I can put into the server to help it become the best possible. As listed above, I can be very active 7 days a week, especially on fridays and in the weekends.I love all of KJ’s servers, and at the moment, HCNations is the only reason why I bother to open up Minecraft and put time into the game. There is no other server than I love more than HCNations, and I feel like helping the staff team by doing my excellent & experienced staff services is the least I can do to give back to the server I love the most.Here are some in-depths on why I think I fit to the staff team:Screensharing:This is definitely not my strongest ability as a staff member, but I am able to find some cheats when screen sharing. I don’t think screen sharing is very important when you are a trial moderator, as you usually have a mod with you when you screen share, so I can learn.However, I have been staff on Sarefine, a practice server that was really popular like 1 year ago. Being staff on Sarefine definitely taught me a lot of things when it comes to screen sharing as I had around 3 different screen sharing guides, and even one made specifically for finding the Vape client.Communication:I am very good at communicating with staff and players. I have discord, skype and telegram on my phone, so even if I am offline, I can still be contacted. I think it is important that the admins above can contact me whenever they want, so communication with the staff team will be no problem for me.I am also good at talking and understanding players when I help them in teamspeak. I never kick players in need out of my room without giving them all the help they need. This is very important to me because I have been left in team speak without the need I help by staff before. (Not on HCNations)Maturity:Maturity is one of the biggest attributes you have to have when you are staffing servers, even if it’s Minecraft. I am going to be flat-out-straight, HCNations does not have the best community ever, therefore it is very important that the staff don’t act like idiots in chat or any other places, because that is just going to give the server a bad reputation for newer players. I am 16 years old, soon 17, so I am soon entering the adult phase of my life, so I think this is the perfect time to apply for staff as this is the time I will be the most mature in my life, I hope.Honesty:As a player, I am a very honest and truthful person. If you do not have honesty, I do not believe you should be accepted as a staff member on the network as it does make a big impact on situations that may or may not happen in the future of the server. At all times upon given the chance to become one of the HCNations staff members, I swear I will not speak any lie regardless of the situation. If I am in a situation that requires me to be demoted and they are unaware of who to demote I will take the accountability and not allow others to get in trouble.Commands:No, I am not going to list all the Minecraft commands I know, but I am going to remind you as I said above, that I am very familiar with KJ’s servers and how they function. I know most of the commands, and even staff guides that you get as a Trial Mod, so worrying about me being unefficient due to having to read staff guides every time I punish a player is nothing to care about. If that makes sense