I is a transformation phase early in the embryonic

I have always developed a specific interest for biology and
from school times it has been my favourite subject. The enigma of life has
always intrigued me. I want to learn about nature and behaviour of the cells
and how these tiny cells come together to form a multi-cellular organism. Therefore
as the time approached for me to select a professional goal, I wanted to take
field of Medical science but then I couldn’t see myself performing surgeries
and having blood all around. Therefore I went for Biotechnology because it is
something that will not only give me a sense of achievement but also a positive
impact on mankind. Currently, I am pursuing Bachelor of Technology in Biotechnology
and Medical engineering department at
NIT Rourkela.

Cell and
developmental biology is particularly my interest area of research. I want
to gain knowledge about molecular, cellular and genetic aspects involved in the
building of an organism. Exploring the cell development mechanism by
vertebrates can give us a new insight into the conserved pathway associated
with human cancers. To obtain insight into the various processes involved in
morphogenesis like cell adhesion, polarization and migration we can use Zebrafish
and study the Gastrulation phase. Gastrulation is a transformation phase early
in the embryonic development during which a single layered unstructured
blastula transforms into an organized embryonic stage- gastrula composed of
three different germ layers – endoderm, mesoderm and ectoderm.  Zebrafish is an ideal vertebrate model
organism for the study as embryos develop outside the body of mother and hence
easily accessible for the study of gastrulation phase.

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My current graduate institution accentuates to fundamentals
both in theoretical and practical on wide range of subjects which has given me
a thorough understanding of the subjects and motivates substantially for
research. I have covered theory as well as practical courses in Biochemistry,
Microbiology, Cell and Molecular Biology which I think is a basic for carrying
any experimental research in this field. Apart from this I have independently
gained practical experience in DNA isolation, Agarose gel electrophoresis, PCR
and UV-VIS spectrophotometer in laboratories of our institution.

This Program is an opportunity for me to equip myself with
requisite knowledge and practical experience in this field under the guidance
of experts which will also help me in my future endeavours and I will endeavour
to return as much as I will gain through this program.