i. interpretations of labor union contract issues. iii. Performance

Recruiting and selection

The human resource management team recruits potential
employees, oversees the hiring process like security check which is a
requirement for Ministry of Interior in UAE to get the working visa, and
provides new employee orientation. HR department advertise job postings, source
candidates, shortlist CVs, conduct preliminary interviews and coordinate hiring
efforts with managers responsible for making the final selection of candidates.

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Employee relations

Employee relationship is one of the crucial functions of
human resource management, as employees are the pillars of any organization. It
is in good of the company itself to maintain good employee relations as it
impact employee performance and have the ability to influence behaviors and
work outputs.

HR department organize activities which will help to develop
good relations between employees and company and among employees itself.
Well-planned employee relations will promote a healthy and balanced relation
between the employee and the employer. It is the key for the organization to be

Employee relations is the HR discipline concerned with
strengthening the employer-employee relationship through measuring job
satisfaction, employee engagement and resolving workplace conflict. Employee relations
functions may include developing management response to union organizing
campaigns, negotiating collective bargaining agreements and rendering
interpretations of labor union contract issues.

Performance management and

HR department is responsible for the annual review of an
employee’s overall contributions to the company in coordination with his/her
manager. Performance appraisals, also called annual reviews, evaluate an
employee’s skills, achievements and growth, or lack thereof. Companies use
performance appraisals to give employees big-picture feedback on their work and
to justify pay increases and bonuses, as well as termination decisions.

Performance appraisals also help employees and their
managers create a plan for employee development through additional training and
increased responsibilities, as well as to identify shortcomings the employee
could work to resolve.

Training and Development

Neusol is a software solution provider which is a rapidly
changing sector, so employees must be trained to adopt to the changing
technologies. Staff must be provided with tools for their success which, in
many cases, means giving new staff extensive induction training to help them
move to a new organizational culture.

 Many human resources
departments provide leadership training and professional development.
Leadership training may require new hiring and promotion of supervisors and
managers on topics such as performance management and how to deal with staff
relations issues at management level.

Career development opportunities are for employees looking
for promotional opportunities or employees who wish to achieve personal goals
such as completing a university degree. Programs such as study assistance and
tuition reimbursement programs are often within the scope of training and
development in human resources.