I; in a High School Musical giant song and

I; being a high
school student understand how strenuous daily ‘student’ activities truly are.
An eight hour never-ending day of “information overload”, plus an average of
four to five hours of working alone at home, plus getting good grades for
university acceptance, plus creating time for family, plus having a social
life, plus trying to get in personal time to do what we enjoy, plus finding the
time for three balanced meals a day, plus doing exercise to ‘maintain a healthy
lifestyle’, plus achieving a well-rested eight hour sleep and plus and plus and
the plusses keep coming, and guess what?


They never stop

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Parents place emphasis on how important it is to ‘enjoy our
school years’ and to simply ‘have fun’ despite all of these ‘plusses’ we
encounter daily. Yes this is true; we only have these subsidiary twelve years, to
in a sense be free from all forms of worldly complications. The only issue with
this is; you undoubtedly cannot enjoy these twelve so called ‘best years of
your life’ alone!


Someone very dear to me, a grade six student, is neither a
nasty kid nor your stereotyped nerd which people would rather not associate
with. This person; instead is kind hearted, loves trying different sports, is
your friendly kid who will never not greet you when they see you, a genuinely
funny person with a slick sense of humour and is simply what grandparents would
call a ‘sweetheart’. If you were to place this person in a High School Musical giant song and dance, this person would thrive
and be surrounded with countless amounts of friends. This person would feel as
if they belonged.

Nonetheless life is freely; and understandably not a utopia! You
cannot expect students as young as grade six to treat each other with a sense
of acceptance and care if our society cannot do so. Students are nasty little
rats. They say awful things, perform violent acts and worst of all – through
all of this they act is if they are your friend.

This person whom through truthful description; by virtue of
common belief would be thought to have friends beyond belief. But – like previously
stated – being a student in the real world is far from the fantastic façade of being
a perfect student in High School Musical.


The deceit and hurt this person experiences as a result of a
few of the students constantly believing they are superior as a result of the
‘I’m cooler than you’ grade six theorem is inconceivable. Yet undeniably the
greatest deal of pain stems from people believed to be ‘friends’ who in the end
show their true identities.

Do not get me wrong, this person is exceedingly upbeat and is
without debate the greatest person to be around. This person is so strong, yet
their self esteem is so low, this person does not think highly of him/herself
and constantly belittles themselves in comparison to the so called ‘populars’
in their grade. This person however with the help of a true friend was able to
overcome these personal obstacles and as a result; this person has achieved so
much intrinsically to their life, they were able and are able to overcome the
‘plusses’ that will continue coming their way.

This person has an acquaintance and together they can enjoy
these troublesome next few years of their twelve year journey together.


What this person does not realize is that I, and most
definitely not only myself experience the same issues as this person – above and
beyond my own ‘plusses’ that try and tackle me down. We all experiencing the
harshness and cruelties of social lives and it is too traumatic to experience
these issues alone. I see myself in this persons position and I simply
understand a little of what they experience on a daily basis because this all
has happened to me.


I, a grade eleven student, know how hard a social life is.
Students are bitingly aggressive; they show immense levels of hostility and
want only but the worst for you. I have experienced this distaste for eleven
years of my schooling career and unsurprisingly I am going to experience it for
my twelfth next year. Nothing will be different.

As a student, living in the 21st century, it feels
as if everyone is out to get you and no one is there to bring you up.

Through this person’s story of which I see my journey, I
legitimately see the dangers of a ‘fake friend’. To see how someone can trust
in another to such an extent, and then to be shot down is the most discouraging
experience someone can ever go through. Despite seeing the dangers of ‘fake
friends’; the opportunity to see how great and important true friends are, is


This person and I are both lucky enough to have found a true
friend. We are both happier than ever and both feel that we hold strong esteem
in our own lives. We are our own people and as a result we are both strong and
independent. We know that every single day we can go to school and have someone
who is excited to see us and that there is someone who needs us as much as we
need them.


Every single day of a student’s twelve year experience at
school we are faced with ‘plusses’. We are told to enjoy school but without a
true friend this is nearly impossible.


My twelve years of school present me with the greatest
opportunity – to find a true friend who helps me grow as a person and who helps
me understand how strong I truly am. School is just our preliminary examination
into the real world; and ‘plusses’ are in abundance in a harsh environment.

When we find a true friend in our schooling years, we are
able to step out into the real world and say:


‘I belong!’