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I want a career in a challenging field which I am able to enhance my skills and knowledge of modern medicine and explore how they can be formulated into different forms such as tablets, creams etc. This chosen career field can be life-changing to millions of people in the world and could also lead the medical industry to take over the next step to end life-threatening diseases.The biological aspect of science has always attracted me as new discoveries in the medical world grow each day. The human body captivates me as with how it goes through amazing functions and biological processes to repair itself when it was damaged. Science has inevitably had an influence on my daily life. Having family members who work in medical sciences played a part, inspiring me to pursue a career in the field. This would mean working in laboratories means that the scientists will be analysing different blood types, using advanced testing procedures and using the radical medical equipment. What opened my eyes more on biomedical science is how it focuses in detail of on cells, organs and the function of our body. From learning things like how CVDs get treated and how each type of antihypertensives helps reduce blood pressure.Last summer,I began to take a step further in my interest in biological sciences by applying summer school, partaking in the ‘Life sciences’ course and worked with other sixth-form students from across Buckinghamshire. Here I was able to work in a laboratory and complete forensic science investigations. It was an opportunity as I was getting a feel for what the studying science entails for me in university. We mainly focused on forensic sciences. This encouraging opportunity allowed me to also attend lectures, learn more about studying science at university and develop on personal skills. Furthermore, I believe this opportunity was essential for me becoming a scientist and for studying at university. Last year, I volunteered at my local Catholic primary school and started a reading course. Here I met up with a group of children every week and read with them and listen to them read to me, as well as what type of books they are confident in reading. Over the year, I have volunteered at my school, such as volunteering for my annual sports day; helping other students with activities, and setting up the entire day. Last summer, my group of friends decided to work with the charity called ‘Open Doors MK’ through NCS to create 20 care packages for the homeless people, supporting them and to show that they are not alone and that they are loved.For work experience, I was a laboratory technician at Oakgrove Secondary School. I took on the responsibilities of making sure the laboratory was cleaned and made certain to always meet the expectations that were set out for me everyday by my supervisors. From first-hand, I experience what it takes to become a successful lab technician, including the level of perfectionism, time management, being able to work under pressure which scientists require in the industry.Taking my studies further can lead me to work in a laboratory and develop new drugs that could help thousands of people with diseases and illnesses. University is essential for me in order to grow my knowledge and understanding of medical sciences and to later on work with medicine.