I. from camp in neighboring countries and Syria will

Protecting Children’s Right to Healthcare and Education During
Warfare and Crisis

Every child deserves to live a peaceful and secure
childhood, but unfortunately, we live in an unfair world where children suffer
and have their basic rights taken away from them due to uncontrollable
conflicts between nations over religion, race or even politics. UNICEF’s main
objective is helping and aiding the children put in such conditions therefor it
is vital here and is the only hope for these children.

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The United Kingdom is UNICEF’s longtime partner and
have helped immensely in the past and is gladly willing to help more and fight
for these children’s rights. The United Kingdom’s Department for International
Development (DFID) have had more than 12 million children vaccinated against
preventable diseases and 6 million people received emergency food assistance as
well as provided 5.3 million children with secured schooling. One of the most
recent struggles are the refugee crisis, specifically Syrian refugees. Most of
the children in Syria have no access to education or healthcare which is tragic
considering these two are very fundamental for any child growing up and
violates the basic human rights.

Taking child refugees into a country that is stable
where education and healthcare is provided is major and much needed and is what
the United Kingdom has been putting its best effort to do so, around 1,000
refugees from Syria have been accepted into the United Kingdom under “VPR”
which is Vulnerable Person Resettlement program and it is promised that by 2020
that 20,000 more refugees will be taken in under that program, adding on to
that the UK expanded its aid when the government stated that more unaccompanied
child refugees from camp in neighboring countries and Syria will be accepted and
taken into the UK for a better living state. In addition to that, Syria isn’t
the only country with children in desperate need for help there are also
children in Iraq, Afghanistan, Zimbabwe and many more. The reasons vary, in South Sudan, Somalia, Ethiopia,
Kenya and Uganda children are struggling due to the drought and lack of food
UNICEF is putting its best effort to motivate people around the world to donate
these donations are also dedicated to supply vaccinations for these children,
the UK has a hotline that is dedicated to all these different types of donations
and is also very motivating for whoever wants to donate.

these children are the future and having education and healthcare taken away
from them makes no future for them or the world, putting extreme efforts to
help is what the UK has been doing and urges all member countries in UNICEF to
do so as well.

The Role of Children in Drug Trafficking

Drug trafficking has been an issue for a lot of
nations around the world for a long time and is a ghastly case on its own but
including children in it and snatching away their potential in a stable life by
luring their impressionable young minds into the idea that drug trading could
be a way to make a living is an unspeakable crime. In most cases children who
suffer in poverty might fall into this trap but its also forgotten that
children who live a perfectly stable life can be lured into that as well.

Based on data from UNICEF from recent global estimates;
there are 168 million children aged from 5 to 17 that are in the worst forms of
child labor which include drug trafficking. One of the main and most important
reasons children or minors work in drug trafficking because they’re considered
an easy target from the employer where they can be manipulated easily to get
into the industry, secondly is because its harder to accuse a child of drug
trading than an adult, thirdly and most importantly is because most of the time
these children probably have no other productive activity to do so the path of
drug trafficking seems easier and again in the majority of the time these
children suffer from poverty and would do anything to support their families
and themselves. The number of these children increase every day, according to the
ILO a report regarding the International Program on the Elimination of Child
Labor, children who were previously involved in drug trafficking were
interviewed the overwhelming majority of them had 0 to 5 years of education,
and when asked what made them continuously do it some said they “enjoy” it and
the adrenaline rush that comes with it. It is truly a corrupt situation when
children no longer have the mindsets of children, but criminals.

Unfortunately in the UK children from Vietnam are being
trafficked to work with the drug industry, the English police have admitted
that they have been struggling to keep up with the Vietnamese gangs who are
spreading across England but they are putting their best efforts to put this
situation to an end, most of the children trafficked are often forced into it
and work against their will which in why UNICEF should start putting more
attention into that to keep children who are put in these situations safe. No
nation is immune to child drug trafficking, but it can be worked upon to make
it less widespread among the world. These children were trafficked had been
lied to with fake promises of a better life thinking they’ll get legal jobs or
even education coming from underdeveloped countries until the spine-chilling
truth is revealed and they realize that they’ve been lured into modern slavery

In conclusion, this is the future of the world and if
this doesn’t come to an attend and no higher power does anything about it this
world we know today will just get more corrupt and there will be no future
whatsoever. This is happening right this moment as you’re reading this and it’s
a very real and traumatizing situation for these innocent young children. This
is the result of broken nations and homes, getting to the root of this issue
and raising awareness is what needs to be done.