I found a specific reading that Susan Sontag wrote

found a specific reading that Susan Sontag wrote about in 1965, “The Imagination of Disaster” that
relates to this movie in away.

She has five phases she believes a science fiction film has to have in order to
be a successful film.

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According to Susan Sontag phase one was, “the arrival of the thing”. This would consist of something along
the lines of an alien spaceship landing or monsters coming to destroy a

second phase according to Susan is, “the confirmation of the hero’s report by a host of
witnesses to a great act of destruction”. Here she basically is saying that if the enemy is coming to
our planet the good and bad guys try to settle a deal or try to make an
agreement for them to leave peacefully. In almost every science fiction film like these that is
almost impossible. The
cops or military come into most scenes to try and stop a fight, war or destruction and the outcome is
usually that they all die instantly from aliens, monsters or other futuristic creatures. The third phase is, “In the capital of the country, conferences between scientists and the
military take place,
with the hero lecturing before a chart, map, or blackboard.” This usually means that reports of any
attack or anything like that would be released in some way either by radio or
the news.

The fourth phase according
to Susan Sontag is,
“further atrocities,
at some point the hero’s girlfriend is in grave danger”. I agree with this phase, in most films I find that to be accurate. Last but not least the fifth phase is, “more conferences, whose motif is: they must be vulnerable to
throughout the hero has been working I his lab to this end”. I believe Susan is trying to say that by
this final stage in the film the hero goes for the final act in trying to save
the day.

course is something that I would recommend without a doubt to anyone. It was a class I never honestly would
have thought to take.

I can say that I am glad I did.

I learned a lot about the science fiction genre that I didn’t know much about