I education and also for the largest oil gusher

I was born in a very large city named Beaumont which is
located in Southeast Texas. This large city consists of three high schools one being
considered a medical magnet program and also three hospitals, one being ranked number
three in Texas. Beaumont lacks the bright city lights and the enthusiastic crowds
and has become very well known for its outrageous crime rates, lack of education
and also for the largest oil gusher in the world in 1901.

Beaumont has had an average of 14 murders in the year of 2017,
four being simultaneously in one month. In the past three years my city has changed
dramatically, “when it comes to violent crimes, Beaumont, TX shows a crime rate
that is 156% higher than the Texas average. The crime rate is also 188% higher
than the national average” (Area Vibes). Some believe the reason for these crimes
are affiliated with gang initiations which has also become a major issue for the
Beaumont Police Department.

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I graduated top 10% from a small high school called “Ozen” and
I love to consider myself a proud panther. Although Beaumont has three high
schools and two colleges it has been ranked as the dumbest city in Texas, which
is not very hard to believe considering the enormous dropout rate which has reached
an all-time high for this city. “A new study of America’s
largest 150 metropolitan areas places Beaumont dead last in the list of most
educated” (Wermund, Benjamin). From my understanding many kids in this area don’t
like to attend school because some teachers lack certain cognitive teaching and
because of this many kids aren’t very engaged in learning.

Although my hometown seems a little dreary, the famous oil gusher
gives it some perks. In 1901 Beaumont became known for its miraculous discovery
of oil. “The cheap fuel they found helped to
revolutionize American transportation and industry. Storage facilities,
pipelines, and major refining units were built in the Beaumont, Port Arthur,
Sabine Pass, and Orange” (Spindle top). Due to the gusher a booming oil industry
arose which put Beaumont on the map, bringing the population to a steady rise within
months from the miraculous event that took placed. Many people traveled from around
the world to witness the booming gusher which lasted for nine days straight. Today
a replica of the Gusher is placed exactly where the first one was located and it
is now our city’s monument.

Beaumont, Texas is
very unique and not quite what some people would imagine, but it is still my hometown
and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Growing up here was a bitter sweet experience,
and it has taught me many lessons along the way. No matter how different the city
has become, Beaumont holds some of my fondest memories and I wouldn’t trade it for
the world.