I desire to connect with and appreciate nature where

I grew up in India
in a setting that wasn’t much urbanized. All through my childhood I had the
good fortune to live, study and play in a place so blessed with natural beauty,
fresh air and good water. I believe that this is what gives me an underlying desire
to connect with and appreciate nature where ever I go. As a kid, I was very
much interested in watching programs that related to environment protection and
often I used to wonder where all these destructions happen, since in my skewed
views, my immediate neighbourhoods didn’t seem to have any considerable
negative effects. I strongly believed that industry is the only factor that
harms environment and as years progressed I understood that it is not the
industries or the automobiles but rather our ideas for growth, with no apparent
concern for environment or future generations that is the real threat. My
state, Kerala is called the “God’s own country” by the visitors from
all over the world due to its beautiful monsoons and enthralling landscape and
since this region wasn’t immediately affected like those in the programs I saw,
the environmentalist in me stayed dormant.


When it was time
for undergraduate studies, I opted for Bachelors in Technology with majors in
Mechanical Engineering. The decision was the result of my fascination towards
machines, an innate feeling of a need to improve things, processes and the
prospects of helping people with the newly acquired knowledge. I love
travelling and exploring new places. The journeys through different places by
seeing the various difficulties of people especially in rural areas like the
lack of availability and the usage of electricity and water made me ponder, that
if we use our energy sources wisely by protecting our nature in an effective
way can lead a better life not only for us, but for our future generations will
also get a beautiful world to live. We need development, and I wish I could
contribute towards a much more sustainable way to grow, develop future proof
business models and processes with responsibility to the environment and this
is what prompts me to study more in this regard.

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The rising food
costs, the consequent raise in cost of living, the misuse of various energy
resources and the impact agriculture makes in the economic and social spheres
of life makes me feel that there is a huge room for improvement in the field of
sustainable development and energy systems. On 16th of November,
2017 I came to know about various universities in Sweden offering different
courses on Sustainable development and energy related programmes on the Masters
basis in a delegate visit to SNY COSMOS, an overseas education consulting firm,
and it is from there that I came to know about this program. Later from the
internet, I came to know more about the country Sweden, about the developments
and the innovative ideas in energy management, the lifestyle of the people in
that country and the beautifully crafted environment for studies and research
programmes and I believe that these tools are very powerful in deriving plans
to remediate our policies, processes and create plans that provokes thought for
the future generation planners. This is the prime mover behind my decision to
apply for my Master’s Program in Sweden. After gaining valuable insights and
experience from my program, Masters in Sustainable Development and Sustainable
Energy Systems will be the best. I would like to begin my career as an
environmental consultant for an independent consulting firm or a local, state,
or federal government agency, providing ideas that are environmentally
sustainable. To my knowledge, I find the universities in Sweden is considered
as the top universities and is home to Europe’s most successful research parks
and science facilities in the field of sustainable development. The reputation
and quality of education, affordable tuition and global recognition of degrees
are what strengthens my decision to apply for the courses in Sweden.


 I understand that by 2040 two in three people
are expected to live in urban environments and this rate of urbanization gives
us a wealth of new opportunities and huge challenges in sustaining our cities.
My country consists of Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata, which according to Forbes
list of biggest cities (in terms of population projected to 2025) comes second,
third and eighth in the world. I believe that by then I will be able to play an
important role, with my knowledge and experience gained, to plan sustainable
models for progress and that, is my long term goal. Further academic training
in Sustainable Environmental Management would enable me to realize my potential
and I hence look at your esteemed University to provide with an opportunity to
pursue my graduate studies.