I been working on my senior project which is

I am in need of financial
assistance in order to attend college because I am a middle or low -income student. I am the 1st
generation in my family to go to college. Although my parents gave me many
supports, I received a
limited financial assistance due to low or middle family income. To reduce my parent burden, because
by parents is supporting my twin sister, Sharon. I’m applying to scholarship to
use to pay for my tuitions and financial need. As a senior in Wakefield High
School with a twin sister. I have been busy with applying to college that has
my interest in Computer science or Criminal Justice and preparing for my exams in
advance placement classes. Also have been working on my senior project which is
my research project/ paper about diabetes and obesity / prevention and
designing a weight lose plan that I would have to present in March in order to graduate.

Unfortunately, budgetary burden may diminish my chance on
acing on going to college. In this way, I would significantly value some assistance
with the goal that I am able to go to college.

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this scholarship will make less stress for my parent not to worry about me
being in loans and for me to go to college. This scholarship would allow me to
work less and focus more on my studies when I go to college. Meanwhile, this
scholarship will support me to do more on help out in the community and helping
people in need. Furthermore, receiving this scholarship will give me more a relief
that I don’t have to worry and for my parent not work as hard as they are now
and to not worry about my twin sister and I in our education. Additionally,
awarding this scholarship would motivate me to work hard in my studies.