I are the roots for the life on our

I wake up everyday to a dazzling sunrise. My branches stretch to feel the sunshine, my conifer leaves swaying in the gentle breeze. My roots extend to the valuable moisture in the soil.Hello there. I am what you call ‘Taxus Baccata’, or an ‘English Yew’.                                                                                          Despite my 1,000 years, I am still quite healthy. I consider myself     lucky, to witness the world changing and growing. For instance, I have sheltered many animals under my arms. They come and go, but I was never alone.  Us trees are amazing. I don’t mean to brag, but it’s a true fact.                                  And let me tell you why.               We provide shade for you on a hot summer day.We are the paper you use to write an essay.We are the force that prevents soil erosion, when rocks are                washed away.We boost wildlife and strengthen your communities..And last but not least, you breathe the air that we create, which is a human need.But I sometimes ponder. We are the roots for the life on our branches. And yet, most people have no respect or appreciation for us. Whether it’s children throwing things at us or factories burning us down. No one bothers me because I’m an old tree, and people view me as a landmark. Many visit me in the spring to take my picture. But some of my friends… were not so lucky. I still hear my mother’s cries as she was cut down with brutal machines. I still wake up to my friends’ screams as they were burned down to the earth. And what is the motive behind all of this? Money. Those horrors still give me nightmares. Most of my family is gone now, slain by humans. Each day, I wake up, scared that by the end of the day, one of my siblings will be gone. Some of my friends feel the same way. Humans need us to create many things, I know. But you are cutting trees at a rate faster than we can grow. And on top of that, some people don’t even recycle us and make us anew. We can’t stand this anymore. Us trees are sick of this. Do some humans really have the nerve to call our speedy destruction ‘evolution’?Imagine what will happen if we’re gone. There would be filthy air, lifeless soil, flooding, no shade…Basically, there would be mass extinction.  I don’t want your great-grandchildren to die, dried up in the desert, and without the opportunity to witness nature’s wonders. Please realize that you cannot eat money if everything is gone. We trees don’t want this future to become true. So come on. Work together to save the environment. It’s not too late to correct mankind’s mistake to ignore mother nature’s screams for help. As a part of nature, it is your duty to preserve it. The future changes with your every action.So… what will you do today?