I analyzing business issues. Subsequently, to earning a DBA,

I strive to learn Business and IT to find out insightful information and answer potential questions. I have pursued this by performing Business and Information systems courses during my undergraduate studies in Management Information Systems at University of Dhaka, Bangladesh as well as my Industry experience in Telecommunication and Consumer goods sector. My own plan to pursue DBA in Information Systems to go deeper into Business operation through using Information Technology. Hence, I aspire to work on developing my knowledge about Information Systems and applications to accelerate business operation. I aim to, after receiving DBA, pursue a corporate professional career in the broader Management Information Systems area.



At University of Dhaka, I took courses that were focused on both theoretical and practical aspects of business information systems. I enjoyed courses that are related to Information systems such as Management Information Systems, IT Investment, E-marketing, Programming of Information Systems, Systems analysis and Design, Simulations and systems modeling. To gain the practical knowledge I underwent the telecommunication and Consumer goods sector in ERP and SAP platform. Aside from academic and professional experience, I took a variety of interesting online courses about HTML, CSS, Python languages at DataCamp, edX to widen my knowledge and to build essential skills. This courses taught me a lot of programming materials and encourage me to tackle challenging problems.

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My interest for Information systems is kindled by actively participated a project e-recruitment systems in Banking and Corporate organizations in the 2nd year of my Undergrad studies, attending workshops and practice at University of Dhaka; and doing an internship in an advertising agency to learn online marketing. As I am fascinated by Business and Information systems I have taken initiative to boost up business projects supervision of Line Manager to challenge myself to produce useful results. I believe that the DBA program in information systems would be invaluable in helping me achieve value add in business operation, distribution networks and issues connected with Information Technology as well as gain a managerial perspective. This program would enable me to channel my Quantitative and Qualitative in analyzing business issues. Subsequently, to earning a DBA, I would like to contribute A vision of 2021 whereas government makes the country “Digital Bangladesh”.



Upon graduating from business school I had started my internship in Gray Advertising in order to broaden my perspective in practical field and to improve my career prospects. Execution in the field was new to me and challenging but I enjoyed applying business and Information technology skills to analyze business problems. After completion of my internship, I had Joined as an ARIBA Service Specialist in Unilever Bangladesh Ltd. Whereas I had learned to operate this procurement Software and scope of this Non-Production Item Buying Software Ariba Spend Management. To understand the key part of this software I was selected as country process leader and I got a chance to conduct several Seminars on operational benefits of using Ariba which I got trained from IBM. For my outstanding performance as an Ariba Specialist, I got chance to work for in SAP platform in Master Data Management(MDM) team. I have learned to create product code, Material description and various module of SAP. Both exposures make me interested to work on the world of MIS.



I have made inroads in applying the knowledge that I have gained in the classroom and internship to real-world problems. In 2012 I joined to biggest telecom operator called Airtel. I have learned flawless of business operation in ERP platform at telecom. I have learned a lot from the telecom sector. I have researched markets dynamics and I performed further research on finding out the business potentiality in deep rural markets. I proposed a model that ensures robust business growth in the deep rural area by deploying a channel partner. This footstep supports me to achieve national highest growth in the year 2013-2014. I also conducted a feasibility survey for a network with the help of engineering team leading to maximum area coverage. I have developed my leadership skill by lead a team consisting of fifty members. I have seen the revolutionary change made by telecom sector in the country like Bangladesh. In 2016 I joined in worlds giant FMCG company Unilever Bangladesh Ltd. as Senior Territory Manager post. This Organization opens my eyes that how Gio tracking booster the sales performance and monitoring accurately. I have worked under SAP platform managing channel distribution thorough Business Channel partner. I have learned demand planning for diversifying products. I went thorough logical stock management process by analyzing information from supply chain stock data. I have managed team consist of two hundred people who are ensured distribution of products all channel through the handheld tablet (HHT). HHT is directly connected to Sales & Distribution Management systems (SDMS) under SAP module. By managing large team its benefits me to develop my capabilities and practical application of different leadership quality in my professional career. In this age of increasing business digitalization, Unilever is the best place to learn business information by called the School of Leader.



I wanted to become a Shopkeeper as well as Table tennis player ever since I was a Schoolboy, But I originally thought I would become an Owner of a shop and Sports player. The notion changed when I had the opportunity learned about the Business Studies and Computer Science courses in my College. However, till now I am continuing my sports. I was the national Table Tennis champion at Unilever Bangladesh Ltd. I am an active member of the American Center in Bangladesh, ID- G109570 and member of the Business club at Notre Dame College in Bangladesh.  I have organized several social awareness programs through local NGO’s and participated voluntarily in ICC world cup 2011 and south Asian games in Bangladesh. I took part-time classes in an academic Institution. Where I had learned the presentation and comprehensive way of teaching. Not only that in my academic and professional life I attend a lot of Training, seminar, and workshop where I have gone through the Business Integrity and Information Management in Business.


Although I am eager to raise my career by research efforts on a variety of research problems, there are several research projects at Cleveland state university that are interested to me which are being conducted by Timothy J Arndt (Big Data, Social Network Analysis, e-Learning and e-Training) Professor Raymond M Henry (Information Systems, IT governance and IT strategy) and Iftikhar U Sikder (GIS, Data Mining and Spatial Decision Support Systems). I got a sense by reading the project websites and the papers of several professors. CSU is the best place to train me as a researcher and professional in Information systems as CSU provides effective courses and supports a vigorous research program in Information Systems which is an excellent match for my interests. Indeed, a research journey in Information Systems at CSU is compelling.