I Africana studies to be the most enticing program

I like to put myself in environments that aid me in the accomplishment of my overall goal in life,which is to better the world with any chance I get. I work best in research facilities, where vast amounts of information and resources are available at my disposable. An environment that drives my success is a controlled and focused space where I can explore my inner Freud and Einstein. I flourish in spaces where I am comfortable and surrounded by my fellow students that are working towards the same goal. Some place where I can kick back and put my “thinking cap” on, much like my humble abode.

Even though I’m applying to the College of Arts and Science Undecided, I find Africana studies to be the most enticing program as it not only teaches the history of culture in the African diaspora, but also the significant impact of colonialism and globalization on Africa.

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An environment that portrays interdisciplinary education, such as that of the University of Pennsylvania, provides me with an ideal environment. Africana Studies is an interdisciplinary field of study which allows for the examination of the cultural, political, socioeconomic, and historical experiences of African Americans, Africans and the African diaspora. With the Wharton Business school working closely with the College of Arts and Sciences, the interdisciplinary education will foster my study of the financial and economic aspects of Africana studies. Though I am capable of completing any task that I put my mind to, environments that provide me with vast information and encourage endless possibilities have proven to be areas where I flourish the most. This showed when I attended an engineering camp at UC Berkeley which provided me with all the resources I needed to attain my goal and the ideal working space with like minded scholars.

Growing up in multiple African countries, I witnessed hardships that many Africans endured on a daily basis and how that still didn’t deter their morale or pride for their country. 
My grandfather, Hackman Owusu-Agyemang, is one of the founding fathers of Ghana’s political party in power that is promoting the idea of Africa Beyond Aid. This idea promotes the notion that African countries should end their reliance on handouts generously given to them by the taxpayers of western countries.

By studying the Africana program, my goal is to learn how Africa with its bounty of resources , unfortunately became a pool of corruption and exploitation. Ultimately I believe self-sustainability is the overall goal for Africa as a whole. Studying in the Africana Studies program will ultimately provide me with the tools I need to help me best tackle this problem once I graduate from university, as my family has done and is doing.  I believe that UPenn provides me with the perfect opportunity to proactively determine my future and have the biggest impact possible. An opportunity like this cannot be taken for granted and I intend to take full advantage of it. My goals and ambitions have the ability to be easily achieved at UPenn, as shown through notable alumni like Kwame Nkrumah, Elon Musk, Mehmet Oz and President Donald Trump.