I a desire to delve deeper into the subjects

I did my bachelors in Mechanical and
Production Engineering at the reputed Sathyabama University. I have always
tried to excel in academics and produce good results consistently. I am
particularly interested in structural design, mechanics and physics and their
profound implications in day-to-day life have strongly inspired me to pursue my
undergraduate studies in engineering.

Education in Sathyabama University has
given me a strong foundation in engineering. The exhaustive nature of courses
and a competitive grading system has instilled in me a desire to delve deeper
into the subjects and deliver the best in me. My sophomore and junior years
consisted of several courses that concentrated on the fundamentals of science
and mechanics that have immensely helped me appreciate my core discipline
courses and contribute to projects. In following years, I participated in
various workshop and seminars about the process involved in industrial
automation and supply chain management. This first industrial experience has convinced me the importance of
industrial engineering and prodded me to consider this as my career and future.

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Among various core courses I did in my
undergrad, I particularly enjoyed design of machine elements. Other course like
Cad modelling and analysis, metal forming process and rapid prototyping have
helped me obtain a very good understanding of mechanical concepts used in
production engineering. I have scored excellent grades in my field courses. To
add to this I also excelled in my practical studies and lab courses. To further
my interest in what I learnt before, I chose industrial robotics and expert
systems as one of my electives and acquired excellent grade in it.

As an academic curriculum project I
along with a team member with the guidance of the staff member did a research
project based on his ongoing (PhD) work, “Preparation of new filler rod for
welding weathering steel”. The project was about finding a suitable substitute
filler rod for the welding of weathering steel, such as to eliminate the risk
of corrosion that is to be found in the welds, the commonly used filler rod for
the welding of weathering steel is ER70S-6 which is not immune to atmospheric
corrosion, for the improvement of mechanical, metallurgical and corrosion
properties of the weld the parent metal is used as the filler material for
welding the weathering steel. This project brought in appreciations from my
department and a 90% score.

first success inspired and encouraged me to work on more challenging problems. With
this I was able to co-author and present a paper on “Experimental Investigation
of Corten A588 Filler Rod for Welding Weathering steel” which will soon be
published on materials today journal  and
also in the process of publishing more research papers on international
journals regarding this study.


My skills would certainly help me to
face the industry as a well equipped professional. Yet the completeness in
begin moulded as an engineer would be manifested in its totality, Only after a
post graduation with a specific area of expertise. It is in this height that
your institution would help me scale on account of its prolific faculty and facilities
par excellence that can tune me to the technological shifts, open opportunities
to explore advanced engineering problems, besides giving me the overwhelming
pride on having to work with the best people, in my chosen line of interest.


The next step in my career would be to
seek admission in a university like yours, and pursue my masters degree in
industrial engineering with production systems being the cornerstone of my
course. This would help me contribute my part to this ocean of knowledge, and
master the art of procuring diligently and process dexterously with a singular
end- producing definitively, with adaptability to pulsating demand and synchronized
to existent and emerging technology.

I find the ___________ University, ________
an excellent place for achieving my objectives. The state-of-the-art
facilities, renowned faculty and stimulating research work in the area of industrial
and production engineering offer a promising environment for budding research enthusiasts.
The industrial collaboration that it enjoys opens up a surplus opportunities. I
find a lot of work in industrial focus areas in integrated manufacturing and
applications of CAD and CAM. In am keen on learning about the applications of
design and manufacturing in industrial areas. Working in these will enable me
to carry on focused research while keeping me up to date with the latest
development in technology. I am extremely eager about associating myself with
such teams that strive to strengthen the engineering profession as a whole

I am aware of the commitment and
perseverance required to carry on research works. My undergraduate studies have
provided with requisite academic background, the motivation and aptitude keep
me on the go and I am confident that these will enable me to meet the demands
of graduate studies and high standards of your university, I look forward to
joining the ___________university, _________ and as a graduate student, add to
the productive nature of research whilst enriching my knowledge.