I 5-6 liter of water per person per day

I have chosen the
Syrian population to study with. Syria is a country in Western Asia bordering
with Lebanon, Turkey, Iraq, Jordan & Israel. In 2011, Anti-Government
protests began in Syria. This protest
between Government & the opposition resulted in violent civilian war. In
2011, the total population of Syria was 22 Million. And as per the United
Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UNOCHA), 13.5
Million Syrians requires humanitarian needs today. Out of this 13.5 Million,
4.9 Million people are trapped in hard to reach areas. And approximate more
than 2.5 Million are children. Approximate 6000 families are forcing to leave
their house every day. They have fled to neighboring countries and living there as a

The need of the
Population: These Syrian
refugees are living in different countries such as Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan,
Iraq, Egypt & in Syria. There are different camps have been established to give them shelter. But the living
condition of these camps is not good.
They are struggling with the basic living needs such as Food, Clothes, Medical
care & Water. There is no education facility for the children. As per the Al-Jazeera report& World Vision International,
Medical care is non-existence, only 5-6 liter
of water per person per day is available, and 3rd quarter of the residents are
Children & Women.

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Human Service
Help: There are many
human service organizations have come forward to help the Syrian refugees. Few
of them are Catholic Relief Services (CRS) (Source: CRS Website), Syrian
American Medical Society, Sunrise USA, Karam Foundation (Source: Huffingtonpost),
Global Hope Network International, Mercy-USA for Aid & Development,
GlobalGiving (Source : Charitynavigator).

organizations are providing Food, Water, basic Medical services, Winter care,
basic education and similar services. But the service which are being provided are not adequate to meet their needs. They standard of living are below the average. The still require
security, winter care, Medical care for children & maternity care. Water is
one of the need which needs to be taken
care of. All these are basic things which for which additional help is needed.