Huxley delight, it will probably happen than when somebody

fears that the humankind will be looked with so much learning, individuals will
become aloof. Albeit some can contend with humankind’s detachment to
information, they can’t contend with the way that people are revealing
increasingly learning, and at times, a lot for their own great. Since the
peruser declares his first explanation, he or she will probably trust the creators
second proclamation. Postman additionally contends that in 1984, individuals
were controlled by causing torment, however
in Brave New World, individuals are controlled by joy. It just appears to be
intelligent that when individuals are controlled by delight, it will probably
happen than when somebody is controlled by torment. When one is controlled by
delight, he won’t question. He is meek, while when a man is controlled by
torment, the individual would be safe. Postman closes his exposition with a
basic, pleasing proclamation that with Orwell, what individuals abhor will
demolish them, yet with Huxley, what individuals love will destroy them.

is evolving in our modern world and it can be like brave new world in the
future. Babies could be made in test tubes. People could take drugs to be happy
and there can be a hierarchical system that can destroy the society. Without
a doubt, Huxley’s Brave New World vision can be seen in modern
every-day life. Orwell’s radical governmental dictatorship, on the other hand,
is not nearly as applicable,

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brave new world the citizens are oppressed with drugs the world state provides
with soma so they can be happy. In our modern society people take depression
drugs like Ritalin to be happy and escape depression. They use soma in world
state because they didn’t want their citizens to know what was going on in
world state. In this, Huxley’s theory
of instant gratification can be seen clearly. The growth and accessibility of both
prescription and over-the-counter drugs is another dangerous prelude to the
society ruled by soma in Brave New World. Drugs ranging from
antidepressants to male enhancement and energy boosting pills are a reality in
today’s world. It is easy to see such drugs becoming a gateway to the drug soma
depicted by Huxley. People would also never get aged in world state they had
chemicals that would make you look younger. In our modern society people use
cosmetics and Botox to look younger and beautiful.

these books have the same theme, but different ideas. In 1984 the citizens are
told not to enjoy sex but to have a baby as their job towards big brother. In Huxley’s
society the citizens enjoy sex but can’t have a baby, the baby is made through
the boskonaskovy process. In modern society there is a technology that can make
a baby but not to advanced as the boskonaskovy process. Technology is evolving
and children could be made in test tubes. Stem
cell research, if used for the wrong reasons, can be a dangerous prelude to the
“baby manufacturing” depicted in Brave New World. In
addition, the instant gratification concept displayed in Huxley’s novel is much
more prevalent today than in the 1930s society in which the book was written

1984 and brave new world are a totalitarian regime but with different ideas. Both
books oppress their citizens but in 1984 people are kept away from the dark and
in the brave new world the citizens are kept away from love. Neil postman’s
claim about Huxley’s vision being more precise in todays world than in Orwell’s
vision because it is more predictable for the future.