Human working to the natural instincts are ancestors inherently

Human nature is a questionable perception of how we live our lives as human beings. Many people inquiry this idea because essentially, we just don’t know much about it. Do we have free will? Or are we just these biological machines, working to the natural instincts are ancestors inherently gave to us, and everything we do is just a chemical process in our brains. In the novel “Lord of the flies”, William Golding depicts these ideas of human nature and the conception of good vs evil.  Golding opens this book’s setting on a deserted island, were a couple of british schoolboys crash onto it. As the story goes on, Golding narrates of how these boys well react to living and surviving on their own. He demonstrates how characters like Roger and Jack display the evilness in ourselves and how we can become savages once out of civilization. This wickedness these boys show in the novel is just an illustration of evil in all of us. How instead of favorable, we are just these profoundly immoral beings, and civilization is the only thing keeping us from this inhumanity. The characters in the novel are persuaded by the environment, lack of resources, and of course the survival of the fittest, which have made them these barbaric and brutal animals that are perceived in this book. Evil is the concept of human actions compared to good. Golding uses this to describe how we would react whilst away from are civilized society. Same has to go in Lord of the Flies, when the boys have to adapt to the island in order to survive. The characters try to create a society of laws and orders; however, as the story goes on, these actions soon fade away and the savagery insantaly takes over. For example, “Any pig that gets out can revert back in a matter of months to a state where it can exist in the wild..”(Bach). Pigs relate to this case since both pigs and humans regress back to there primitive ways. Both being domesticated, clizized beings, but once released  into the wild, this phenomenon soon changes. Similarly, being that the characters are kids, they are exposed to more of there immigration rather than actual reality. In this book prosay, an imaginary creature called “The beast” test the characters mentally and physically.  According to the text, “The immignary beast that frightens all the boys stands for the primal instinct of savagery that exist within all human beings”(wiki books). This analyzes how accordly Golding uses symbolism all throughout his novel. He describes this beast as just this fictional creature used as an excuse in all of us to be evil. While people act out differently according to their environment, Golding uses this to construct the evilness in man. He also gives detail of how each individual will react to this, whether for power, selfinessess, greediness or for the corruption of mankind. Golding also portrays the character jack, which who embodies power and the need to dominate, to represent the savagery on the island and of human nature. He is instructed as this power hungry animal, who wants to create rules and punish those who disagree.  The author also expresses how Jack desires to hunt and kill, which indeeds submits this savagery in him. For example, “Kill the pig! Cut his throat! Bash him in!”(Shmoop). This chant produces the barbarism in the characters, how they crave the lust to kill, and Golding doesn’t just mean the pig; It expresses the killing of all living creatures, the thrill to rule and for Jack to show dominance all throughout the land. How Jack thrives on this greed, and how badly he wants to become this monster. In addition, Jacks influence has spread to the other kids, especially when they kill simon. The death of Simon was caused by Jacks foolish actions, which ultimately led to the boys chanting and shouting, in a unclized nature. For example, “The were no words, and no movements but the tearny of teeth and claws”(45). This sorrowful moment was a true depiction of darkness in man’s heart. How jack influenced his group to be so blind by the fact there killing one of their own.  Golding shows how an environment and people can change the individual behavior. Especially since Jack caused the boys to loose control and become something they weren’t, which led to simons unpredicted death and jack to become this merciless dictator. Another character who symbolizes evil is Roger. He is portrayed as this sad, shy character who deeply inside savors the pain of others. Roger is also known for his secery, and of course the violence. Under’s Jack order, Roger can come out of this bubble and unleash his true intentions. For example, “Roger stooped, picked up a stone, aimed and threw it at Henry, threw it to miss