Human offer them with good salary and perquisites and

Resource (HR) planning and recruitment is a critical requirement of any
organization. As the organization’s business performance is largely dependent
on the competence level of its personnel, it is important to have a
well-defined and strategic HR recruitment and selection process. Recruitment
and selecting process has 4 stages:

§  Defining job
requirements / profiles

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§  Planning
recruitment operation

§  Attracting
candidates – appraisal and evaluating sources of applicants, inside and outside
the organization (HR consultants,
e-recruiting, advertising).

§  Selecting
candidates – filtering applications, conducting interviews and aptitude tests, assessment
of candidates for job suitability, verifying candidate references, preparing
the job agreement.


is a global organization with operations in various countries. It has built its
management teams on the lines of cross-cultural diversity. KFC’s HR policy is

ü  Adopt uniform recruitment and selection processes globally, offer effective
training modules to their personnel for maximizing their effectiveness and
adapting to the prevalent market culture.

ü  Employ personnel
of a younger age bracket and invest in their training.

ü  Encourage ’employee diversification’ by
recruitment of female and minority-group candidates, wherever possible.

ü  Hire the
right people in the first place, and offer them with good salary and
perquisites and career advancement prospects and increase
retention of personnel.


conducts its recruitment process through the following 2 means:

§  Internal Recruiting

Internal recruiting is a way of identifying and appointing
individuals from within the organization. KFC prefers
to hire Restaurant managers and Shift Supervisors internally within its existing
outlets. The internal employees are adequately trained to improve their skill-sets
and knowledge required for the relevant openings. KFC conducts internal
recruitment through various means that includes an internal employee referral
program, word-of-mouth amongst its personnel, internal communication via
emails, newsletters, etc.

in the event KFC does not find a suitable candidate internally, it will choose
to recruit via the external recruitment method.



External recruiting is adopted when internal talent is not available
and hence candidates from outside the organisation are recruited. Team members and Assistant Restaurant Managers are hired externally
to induce fresh blood and ideas within KFC. For KFC’s “business units”, external recruitment is adopted to recruit
front-end employees whereas back-end employees are recruited internally.

recruitment at KFC is done by first placing an advertisement in the newspaper
or employees are informed about the job opening and are encouraged to spread
the word. Similarly, there is a job opportunities page on the company’s website
so that people can send their CVs directly to the HR department. After a reasonable
pool of candidates is collected, the HR department does the initial screening. Qualified
candidates are shortlisted, and an interview with them is arranged. The first level
interview takes place between the head of the concerned department and the
applicants. Afterwards, written aptitude tests are conducted to assess the
competence level of the candidates. Later, a further short list of the
candidates is developed and a 2nd interview of the candidates is
arranged with KFC’s senior management personnel. Finally, the qualified
candidate is made a good job offer and a job contract that enlists the terms
and conditions of the job, is signed. An orientation is conducted at the KFC’s
premises so that the new employee gets acquainted with other colleagues and key
people of the organization.

KFC, selection of candidates through the external recruitment method far
outnumbers the internal recruitment method. This may be due to internal
candidates not having the requisite skillsets and the fact that it is fruitful
to get in external candidates since they many bring in fresher ideas and
practices that they may have learnt outside of KFC.


candidates are provided 3 types of training – Induction training, On-the-job
training, Off-the-job training. Through training, KFC’s HR department aims to
ensure that all employees increase their skill-sets, increase their knowledge
and awareness about the business and it overall aims and objectives, and also
change the candidate’s attitudes and align them with KFC’s corporate

2013, KFC initiated its “Operations
Leadership” program for graduates, designed to fast-track graduates into
restaurant manager roles within 12 months of joining and ensure that adequate
talented leaders are available for the future. KFC also takes part in graduate
skills sessions on various college campuses and have also launched a graduate
microsite to converse directly with graduates regarding leadership careers at