HUMAN could provide more efficient and pleasant interaction with


The benefits of the Internet of
Things are expected to be huge.  But the
barriers in getting Internet of Things done right to be able to achieve those
benefits may be equally huge.  Many businesses
are trying, but failing.  It is said that
as many as three-quarters of Internet of Things projects are failing.  Internet of Things project starts are often
bumpy with 60 percent of all initial proof of concept projects failing, and of
projects that do complete, only 30 percent are a success. .  internet of things is not just all about
connecting devices. When building an Internet of Things platform, businesses
would do themselves a favor if they expanded their focus from exclusively
considering technology to also consider the human side of the project. Most human-technology
interfaces in Internet of Things are still rather traditional, and usually
based on GUIs. However, more natural multimodal interaction means, such as
spoken and gestural interaction, could provide more efficient and pleasant
interaction with Internet of Things devices. Still, such interfaces are not
studied widely in Internet of Things context. There is need for more success
stories from experiences of different interaction techniques which have been
studied in everyday

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One of the most interesting aspects
of many Internet of Things applications is the relation of automation and human
control. this creates huge challenges for acceptance of the technology,
including critical factors such as safety, feeling of control, and privacy,
among others. The key question is in which cases automation is more suitable
and when human control should be preferred.

Finally, in addition to the explicit
interaction between humans and devices, human originated information is often
highly valuable or even crucial in many Internet of Things applications. Most
obvious examples include Internet of Things applications monitoring humans. Topics
for discussion include novel means to gather, process and distribute
human-oriented data, as well as key questions related to the human-factors,
such as safety and privacy. So, more research is needed to discuss how all of
this affects and changes human behavior in the long run