the best price deals The brand’s collection includes Mcqueen buy Royal Mcqueen Royal Mcqueen singapore Suitcases online Suitcases priceMake your trips memorable with Royal McqueenTravelling can be extremely fun and healthy at the same time. It is a great way to escape your mundane, normal life and experience a power-packed dose of fun and adventure. However, one of the primary requirements of every travel lover is a light luggage. In fact, luggage should not only be convenient to carry but extremely sturdy in order to sustain rough and bumpy terrains. To cater to this concern, Royal Mcqueen in Singapore brings to you a wide range of fine quality and durable suitcases that will stand up to all your expectations and make your trip memorable.This collection includes mainly two kinds of suitcases based on the material of the body. These are the soft-case suitcases made of nylon and the ones made of polyurethane. The soft-case suitcases are extremely lightweight and expandable, making it the perfect choice for long holidays. It comes with a TSA lock and anti-theft zipper that secure your belongings and prevent any breaking-in. The nylon material is extremely durable, flexible and easy to clean, hence making it a convenient choice of suitcase. The two additional compartments help in organized packing and easy access. Attached with 4 wheels with 360° spinner it glides smoothly, even on irregular surfaces. Its ergonomic side handle enables comfortable pulling or pushing while the telescoping trolley handle is extendable, minimizing the strain on your back during navigation. With a spacious interior and single control button that allows operation with one hand, it is undoubtedly a must-buy for every travel enthusiast.Buy Royal Mcqueen online at the best price deals The brand’s collection includes extremely unique and innovative suitcases that are sure to grab your attention and make you want one for yourself. The polyurethane suitcases that the brand manufactures are undoubtedly the first choice for many, not only because of their stylish design but also because of their sturdy and durable body. It comes with an advanced TSA lock that helps secure your luggage with a 3-number combination. The anti-scratch and lightweight ABS material adds to the durability of these suitcases while the side bumper provides extra protection. It comes with an ergonomic side handle that makes pulling or pushing extremely easy with the additional benefit of a telescopic trolley handle that can be extended, thus reducing the strain on your back while moving the luggage. Equipped with a single control button that allows one-hand operation, 4 wheels with 360° spinner and a spacious interior with divider for organized packing, this product is a must-have on every travel-addict’s list. Royal Mcqueen suitcases are now easily available on Lazada, the country’s largest online store. The suitcases are priced at incredibly affordable rates, with Lazada’s free nationwide shipping and 14 days free returns policy being the cherry on the cake.Why Choose Royal Mcqueen?• It is world-renowned brand of suitcases across the globe.• Every product is synonymous with innovation, technology and high-quality.• The products are extremely reliable and long-lasting.