How work, good deeds and what not. But as

 How to reduce the gap between Knowing and Doing?


Knowing and doing. You mean we know what is right, but still, we end up doing the wrong things.

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Exactly We know that we should not be fearful but still, we end up being afraid. We observe how lazy we are in everyday life. For instance, rising up early, eating healthy, we all know are a few good habits. Knowing so, we are still unable to implement these thoughts. But when it comes to advising others, we go ahead and tell people to be fearless and take life as it comes. We lecture others to be indi?erent to the situation and to focus on work, good deeds and what not. But as soon as we  ind ourselves in such a situation we get stuck, right?


Exactly! And even if we are aware of the right action momentarily, it so happens that something else comes our way and distracts us again.Okay,  taking  your  point  further.  Now  where  do

you think the Mind gets distracted? Where?


Obviously, towards pleasures, towards anything and everything that gives us pleasurable experiences. We try to avoid anything that gives us pain. Therefore, the point is how to persuade the Mind into doing things that are actually right, but do not assure us of any such pleasure. How can this Mind be managed, if at all it can be? There is only one way to do that and that is to use our Intellect. The deeper we understand a particular issue at an intellectual level, the sooner we shall realise what that issue is all about. And it is not that we do not understand the issue and its consequences at present. But having said that, our understanding or knowledge is not deep enough regarding that very issue. In other words, it is superficial. But if you really contemplate and dig deep, you’ll drop it and let go of it.


Audience: Sir, we mostly pay lip service to these things. As in, I have listened to all your sessions. In fact, I start my day by listening to your sessions. But as the day progresses, everything I heard in the morning fades o? the Mind by the night.


Sandeep Maheshwari: Look, this is an important point to understand. Life is like a flowing river. And what we are trying to do? We are trying to draw lines on a free flowing river. Is this possible? No, of course it’s not. We all know that. So, what to do?


For example: let’s look at the waves being formed in the river. Now what is the reason behind their very formation? As I said, we have to dig deep and understand this phenomena at the Intellect level. There are rocks lying on the river bed. And it is these very rocks that when kept in a particular formation, are making the water  low faster. While at other places, where the rock formations are di?erent, the water is relatively calmer. It implies that these very rocks are causing waves in the water. Similarly, while I’m speaking: Imagine I’m drawing a  figurative line in the  rivers of your Mind – you hear me and then promptly forget what I just

said. It won’t make a di?erence to your life. But to make some life altering changes, you need to change the formation of those rocks lying at the river bed of your life. And it needs some serious e?ort. So when you start making these alterations by bringing them in practice, your entire personality begins undergoing transformation. And one day, you are able to demolish all the rocks in your life’s river bed. Hence ending the very cause of all the restlessness within you. It is that very moment when your life becomes a serene  lowing river. However, if you don’t bring a single thing to actual practice, all these sessions are like lines drawn on water. Drawn and erased. And this will go on like this. No use.


Right now, driven by our old habit patterns, we have no control whatsoever on our lives. Our habits mould us the way they want. These habits are not recent. They have been formed over a continuous process of several years. How can you even expect them to evaporate by simply listening to just one session? For that, the  first step is to tell your mind: See, this is the right thing to do and this option is not right for me, hence, I must avoid it. After this  first step, you have to then inculcate the right things into your everyday life. This will make your Intellect develop gradually, making it stronger. Now, how does this happen? See, if you think correctly, your Intellect strengthens. Various useless conversations do the rounds everywhere. And it is these very baseless conversations that trigger the Mind with even more wasteful thoughts day in and day out.  These  thoughts  weaken  our  Intellect.  And  in  turn,  our  Mind becomes powerful.


It’s this very Mind that makes us drink alcohol, play loud music, dance like crazy, and then drive at 200 km/hour. Is this not what people usually do? Why do you think they do it? Just because their Mind controls them. Rather, if their Intellect would have controlled the same situation, what would have been the advice? Go ahead and drink, perhaps, even dance in a nightclub, but driving after drinking is NOT permitted.


Whose job is to talk sense? Is it your Mind or Intellect? Intellect of course. However, most of the time we ignore this Intellect. So all we need to do is to strengthen it.