How later, but now you must keep it ‘ON’.

How to Install VPN on Fire TV or Firestick

This is a step-by-step method will guide you to show hot to install
VPN on Fire TV or Firestick. The Fire TV is a streaming device that
comes with much immensity. If you want streaming channels with more compatible
that is already added to its impressive library. However, you should live in
the United States to get most of the Fire TV. Fortunately, there is an
alternative way. Fire Stick allows you to use VPN (Virtual Private Network)
through your online location and make it appear to be in the USA.

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Find How to Install VPN on fire TV or Firestick
in Simple Methods

The following installation guide offers to bypass your
geographical restrictions while unblocking US Netflix, Kodi, Amazon Prime
Video, Hulu and others. It also helps you to install “Private Internet Access
(PIA)” on the Amazon’s 1st generation fire TV, 2nd Generation Fire Stick and
2nd Generation Fire TV. For other VPN clients, you can use this guide while
you’ve a link to the Android VPN clients in your VPN service. If you have so,
then replace the link of


Steps of How to Install VPN on fire TV or
Firestick Simply

You can remain anonymous using VPN that protect yourself in
online. Here are the steps how to install VPN on fire TV or Firestick.

 This is the easiest
method of the installation:

•           Plug in /
turn on Fire TV or Firestick

•           ‘Highlight’ the Apps that are located
at the top of its screen. And then press the middle button on the remote to
open a sub-menu in Apps.

•           Scroll down
to sub-menu of “Categories’.

•           Now, select

•           Find &
select ‘IPVanish VPN’


•           Choose
‘Get’ to download to the device the IPVanish app.

•           After
completion of the download and installation, then select ‘Open’ menu.

•           You need to
sing into the app using your ‘IPVanish Username & Password’.

•           Choose a
‘server location’.

•           While
you’re connected, press the ‘Home Button’ of the remote to go to the home


Second Method of the Installation:

•           Turn your
‘Fire Stick’ on.

•           Select
‘Setting’, ‘Device’ and ‘Developer Options’.

•           Now select
‘Apps from Unknown Source’ & turn ‘ON’ then select ‘ABD Debugging’ &
turn ‘ON’.

•           Here is a warning message about
unknown sources. You can turn ‘OK’ the unknown sources later, but now you must
keep it ‘ON’.

•           Return to
your home screen, pressing ‘Home Button’ on the screen.

•           Highlight ‘Apps’ that locates at
Screen’s top. Press the middle button of the remote to bring the ‘Sub-menu’ in

•           Scroll down
to sub-menu of “Categories’.

•           Now, select

•           Choose
‘Get’ to download

•           Then select
‘Open’ menu.

•           You’ll get
a URL and select/click on it.


•           Here comes a window that allows
entering a URL. Press select button of the remote and enter the address:

•           Select
‘Next’ and then ‘Download’ button.

•           It takes you to the PIA download
page. You can use the Amazon controller to vanish the Red Ring and select the
‘Get App’ button that locates at the top right.

•           Your app
gets download here.

•           After
downloading, there appears the Install window. Select ‘Install’ button on your

•           When the
installation is complete, then select ‘Open’.

•           The login
screen comes here.

•           Add
‘Username’ & ‘Password’ so that save them for next uses.

•           The VPN
comes in ‘Your Apps & Games’ Section.


So, you can use VPN with above method that allows overcoming
the geographical restrictions. Since, here you’re assuming to install easily
that enables to use the fire TV or Firestick. Once you install through this
method, need not to do it next time. Furthermore, knock us through the comment
box while you get any problem. Till then enjoy!