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                              How having a hateful mindset can be unhealthy for you     In our everyday lives, we have many emotions to choose from to react to situations, but when hate and negativity is used constantly as a mindset, it can become unhealthy for you.  Having a hateful mindset can eventually harm you or others around you and could  make you lose control over your actions.  In the article titled Toxic emotions can lead to serious health problems, by Dr.Cynthia Thaik, the author talks about how repedetley acting and feeling negatively can have those feelings grow within you.  Having a hateful mindset can lead to many regretful things, affecting you or someone else. Negativity and hate can create more of these negative emotions, which can also affect your body’s organs in the process.  It is unhealthy to have a hateful mindset because it causes health problems, violence and aggression , and behavioural issues. A huge factor affected when having a hateful mindset is your health.  When you keep building up anger and hate, your body can reach a point where it can’t handle all of these negative emotions.  You’re body will start to become unhealthy.  In the article Toxic emotions can lead to serious health problems,  it says ” Prolonged bouts of anger can take the toll on the body in the form of high blood pressure, stress, anxiety, headaches and poor circulation.” ( Thaik).  Hate does affect your health, it can be as minor as headaches to as major as heart attacks and strokes.  Higher blood pressure, stress , and headaches are common examples of what can happen to someone who uses hate as their mindset.  Having a hateful mindset does affect your  health, while also causing violence and aggression in the process.Another factor that is caused by having a hateful mindset is violence and aggression.  Sometimes when you’re just solving all your situations with a hateful mindset , you don’t know how to act wisely with your decisions.The article called Understanding Anger, says “People often get into trouble with themselves because they confuse their feelings with their actions. They condemn themselves for feeling angry. While it is not acceptable to act out anger…” (  Anger and hate can trigger you to act out that pain or hate.  By that , meaning physically hurting a target , whether that target is yourself or someone else. If this continues to repedeltly happen , in can become a routine or abusive behaviour.  Violence and aggression caused by hateful mindsets can also cause behavioural issues.Having a hateful mindset can also cause behavioural issues.  As people continue to use a hateful mindset , they can start to fall into depression. Their behaviours and attitudes can change.  In the article Can negative thinking make you sick, it says “It could also be that people who feel bad—be it depressed, stressed, cynical, or otherwise—may also be more likely to smoke or drink alcohol.” (Hoffman).  Smoking and drinking can turn into addiction, which is a major issue as it is hard to fall out of an addiction.  Negative thinking can cause depression or stress.  Your mind and body uses depression to defend itself from the effects of thinking with a negative mindset.  Depression and hate can also lead to people isolating themselves as your entire behaviour changes.   There are very few positive effects of having a hate, but overall using a hateful mindset is  unhealthy for you.  It can create problems with your behaviour , violence and aggression , and problems that affect your health.  This topic matters because we as a human being deserve to live a healthy, positive life.  If we are causing pain to ourselves or others, we should know what’s causing the anger. Having a hateful mindset causes this , but we can stop this negativity as easy as it seems. We should know what repedelty feeling hate can cause to yourself and people around you. Being more positive can just reduce all of these problems and reducing any sort of heart problem. And your health.