Hope the land by making railroads and other developments

Hope this letter finds you in good health. I
know since the last time you were here, in the year 1900, there was not much
development going on around you. Currently, 60 years later, a lot has changed.
Many developments have taken place and have transformed our lives. The effects
of these changes have different impacts, some are positive while others are
negative. I know you would like to know how most of the things have changed. I
will explain some of broader changes that have taken place, and those that have
affected our daily life, in the most detailed manner for you to understand

I understand that most of the tenement houses
were dark inside since they lacked electricity or gaslight. Running water in
most of the tenements was a challenge. This is no longer the case since the
tenement house act of 1901 was passed and everyone had to comply with it. Since
then, due to technology that has greatly improved, the houses are no longer
dark inside. Indoor plumbing has also taken place making it possible for one to
bathe or do laundry in their houses. This has improved our lives greatly.
Sanitary levels have also greatly improved due to these changes. For instance,
the privies that were in most tenements, which were very unsanitary, have been
replaced by clean toilets found indoors (Class Notes: Living Conditions).

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Since 1900, the American government has
largely expanded its boundaries. As these expansions were taking place,
developments were also taking place. The lives of the native inhabitants have
also improved during this transition. For example, the government expanded its
economic development of the land by making railroads and other developments in
Texas among other states. It has also gained the authority to rule the groups
of people that are found there ultimately expanding the territories (U.S
History. Pg. 479). America’s territories are now wider than they were during
the 1900s.

The trade markets have also expanded to
international markets. This has become a new source for new raw materials to
come in the country. As a result, the international trade has created jobs for
many residents in the United States intimately making them be self-reliant. A
good example to show how international trade has taken place is trade between
the United States and China. The idea for international trade came into reality
after the open door notes which U.S sent to China requesting for preferential
access to its market. This was secured and a lot of trade between America and
China, among other countries, has taken place. 
(Class Notes: Imperialism)

Unlike during your times, a rule was set to
limit the number of immigrants who come from southern and eastern European
countries. This restriction was put in place after individuals from these areas
started arriving in large numbers. The act was set in place to represent the
anti-immigrants against eastern and southern Europeans. It also reinstated the
previous Chinese exclusive act that banned Chinese from immigrating to the
United States. Japanese and Mexicans were also banned. However, some
limitations were given to the Chinese and Japanese. For instance, the Chinese
individuals who were claiming citizenship through parents were allowed in. This
resulted in urban migration in the U.S not being fueled by the immigrants (Class
Notes: National Origins Act).

The upcoming of the new automobile in the U.S
has had a lot of impacts on the country. Most of these impacts are positive to
the residents and the government. For instance, they have led to the expansion
of businesses and suburbanization (Class Notes: The Automobile Age). The suburbs
have grown at a very fast rate and outpaced the cities. Many shopping centers
and industries have grown as a result of this automobile. This came along with
a lot of social changes in the country.