Hook: is arched, the back short and strong .”

Hook: Have you ever heard of a pintabian?(pin-tay-bee-an)Best animal ever!! Claim (topic sentence): Well…I think that pintabian horses are better than any other horses. Reasons:1.A lot more active2.Stronger3.Easier training Reason:First of all, they are more active/fun. Evidence: Acording to http://www.horsebreedspictures.com/pintabian-horse.asp Pintbian horses are mostly used for General riding also dressage, cowboy mounted shooting and even endurance racing! They are show horses and really good at jumping. Explain:This shows that pintabian are very active horses.They are used for many different eunique sports.This is only one reason why!!! Evidence:  http://horses.petbreeds.com/l/160/Pintabian Says that ¨The Pintabian is capable of performing various tasks very well. The most common ones are general riding, jumping, and work. With a diverse set of abilities, this breed can accommodate the various needs of horse owners.¨Explain: This also shows that pintabian horses are very active horses.(I mean they are real active for my experience with my pintabian.)Yet do you see how active they are? Evidence:http://cowboyfrank.net/fortvalley/breeds/Pintabian.htm                               states “A Pintabian is a horse with tobiano markings and over 99 percent Arabian blood.” As https://www.arabianhorses.org/discover/arabian-horses/ says” Its entire appearance exudes energy, intelligence, courage and nobility.”Explain:That shows that Arabian even looks like they have a lot of energy.Pintabian are almost 100% Arabian. See, that’s exactly what I mean! Reason: Stronger Evidence:http://www.theequinest.com/breeds/pintabian/ states that”back is short & strong.” Explain:This website shows that they have a strong back.Do you see it yet?Well even though that their front legs aren’t as strong they have strong backs.Evidence:http://www.ansi.okstate.edu/breeds/horses/pintabian/index.html/ says”The neck is arched, the back short and strong .” Explain: This also shows that they are very strong.(Just like mine!) Are they strong to you now? If not here is my last reason why they are stronger! Evidence:http://thearabianmagazineonline.com/issue/the-march-edition/article/all-about-dedication-and-the-pintabianstates that,”Feet: hard, strong and sound. “Explain:This shows that also their legs are strong.This shows that they are really strong horses. Reason:less expensive Evidence: https://www.horseclicks.com/pintabian/A/horses-for-sale shows that ,pintabian can cost from $650 to about 7,000$.Explain: This shows that they are very low priced for example,  another website shows that other horses can cost from about $ 1,250 to  20,000$ Evidence:http://www.horsebreedspictures.com/pintabian-horse.asp states” Generally healthy though regular vet checkups is required.”Explain:This shows that pintabian don’t need any special vet trips like other horses might need.Evidence:http://horses.petbreeds.com/l/160/Pintabian states”Farrier: Assumes shoeing and trimming are performed every 8 weeks.”` Explain: This shows pintabian don’t need anything special Counter Argument: Opponent may say: Opponents may say “There are other horse breeds that are way better than pintabians like,appaloosas!” Rebuttal: First of all, appaloosas are way more expensive than pintabians!Opponent may say: They may also say that “Pintabian don’t even look as pretty.” Rebuttal: Pintabian can come in various colors and patterns.Conclusion (restate claim): Pintabian are better than any other horses.Restate Reasons:1.A lot more active 2.Stronger3. Less expensive Something to think about: Something to think about is to let people explain before you think opposite.