Honda of made in USA cars, sales, R and

Honda recently, unveiled an all-new 2018 Gold wing tour motorcycle in
California. (Business wire  2017).

Honda has been a long time part of the American history, contributing to
the economy through the sales of made in USA cars, sales, R&D and also
finance. In 2010, Honda’s U.S. payroll exceeded a total of $1.8 billion. Honda
U.S. contributes to the generation of employment in America. Over one thousand
jobs are being created at Honda’s green burg Indiana automobile plant. In 2010,
a total of 138,000 jobs were created by Honda and Acura U.S. dealerships, which
sold about 1.2 million vehicles.

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Honda was he first international company in the history of   America’s automobile industry with the
capacity to perform ‘ complete product creation’. Currently, Honda is the only
international auto manufacturer that’s has the most R&D facilities in
America. Honda operates 11 R&D facilities within the U.S.  More than a quarter of Honda’s 2011 Honda and
Acura model cars and light truck models, sold in America were researched,
designed and developed in America. Honda spent $15.7 billion on the purchase of
parts and materials purchased from U.S. OM suppliers in 2010. (Honda 2012).

Honda is constantly committed to harnessing its domestic manufacturing
capabilities and for over 35 years, have been producing made in U.S. automobiles
in America, starting off with the manufacturing of the Honda Accord in Marysville,
Ohio, in 1982. (Honda  2016). More than
75% of the jobs offered by Honda are in the manufacturing sector.

Honda set the pathway for other auto manufacturers to produce low
emission vehicle, which includes the first gasoline –powered ULEV, SULEV, LEV
and AT-PZEV vehicles introduced to the American customers.

In 2010, the union of concerned scientist named Honda as the ‘Greenest
Automaker’ for the fifth consecutive time.

Honda faced a major drop in its U.S. market sales by 7% in 2011. This was
as a result of the rise in the American car market, which grew by 10% in 2011
respectively. This has been the biggest fall ever by any carmaker in the
history of U.S. however, Honda still retains its position in the market in
regards to its affordability and durability. (Financial Times   2012).

In conclusion, Honda is a perfect example of a company that has been able
to sustain its high performance despite the changes in the industry because it
placed its strategy much more on its existing resources and capabilities that
has enabled it to benefit emmer sly from its American market.