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Home to the Vikings, the only 17th century fully intact ship (Vasa), and a capital (Stockholm) that consists of 14 islands, Sweden’s unique sights captures the eyes of people like no other. With 172,756 square miles, the country of Sweden has an abundance of events to cherish and learn from. Special landmarks such as the Vasa Museum, the moveable church, and the Ericsson Globe or Globen are prominent, well-known history architectural structures. To add, Sweden has many more structural, unique buildings and countless amounts of moose. However, these cool features aren’t what make Sweden a wonderful country. With Sweden’s particular history, it gives the real perspective of this country. Their political and social issues are probably a parallel to other country’s issues. Including Swedish literature where Swedish fiction is the most translated in the world. Sweden has a special history, relatable government issues, and eye-catching literature that lets this country shine in front of others.The history of Sweden can never be just nothing. Fourteen thousand years ago, Sweden was embedded with snow. But when the ice went away, then the people started to move in. Sweden is a country in northern Europe located on the Scandinavian Peninsula. The name Sweden was derived from Svear, people mentioned as early as 98 CE by Roman author Tacitus. The country’s ancient name was Svithiod. Since Sweden was covered entirely by ice, the soil is poor to grow anything on top, however it still can be fruitful. Annually, May 6th is National Day of Sweden, a day observed as Swedish Flag Day. The topic of Vikings seemed to interest me, in that the 11th century (Viking Age) there were colonies of tribes within Sweden. Sweden once ruled Finland which is a country next to Sweden. These are the few key information points that make Sweden an interesting country to learn about.The political and social issues in Sweden are quite similar to the issues that we have in America and the rest of the world. For example, Sweden has had a problem with immigrants moving from the Middle East to Sweden to escape ISIS. According to pri.org, editor Rachael Cerrotti writes, “Sweden was among the best countries for immigrants.” Actually, Donald Trump suggested that there was something wrong with Sweden because they were taking in so many refugees from Afghanistan and Syria. This issue is relatable to the United States because the immigration that goes to both countries has gone too far. According to CNN.com, a man who is not named argues, “It is out of control. There is a lot of them, there is no real place for them. The real problem is the refugees. They come here think they can do whatever they want.” The peak of European migrant crisis was in 2015 when more than 160,000 people moved to Sweden requesting asylum. So this issue with the refugees relates to the US because there are many people looking for the American Dream. Sweden seems like the home away from home for refugees like those people. But, don’t you think the refugees could be a little bit nicer considering that it isn’t their country? These issues are what make Sweden who they are today.Swedish literature has so much rich stories. Though the literature from both Finland and Sweden are alike, Swedish literature began in the Middle Ages when Old Swedish became a separate language. The Runestone was recognized as the first text in Sweden. It was dated back to the Viking Age, 800 AD and it included various paragraphs of sagas and legends. In the 16th century, Swedish literature thrived and succeeded with the modernized Swedish language. The most important literary event was in 1541 when the Bible (Gustav Vasa Bible) was translated, in the time period of the Swedish Reformation. Every century seemed to have varied genres or certain types of literature. Many of the Sweden writers wrote crime novels because crime novels are a very popular English genre. For example, one of Sweden’s most successful crime writers is Camilla Lackberg. Since publishing her first book, The Ice Princess (Isprinsessan), in 2003, it has sold about 15 million books in 50 different countries. Successful authors and the first piece of literature are what steered the path to Swedish literature is today.         Sweden, the country filled with amazing characteristics has rich history, similar political and social issues, and divine literature. With all of their Vikings, immigrants, and crime novels, this is what makes Sweden the coolest place on Earth as it is.