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HIV AIDS IN THE PHILIPPINESHIV/AIDS has been a noteworthy cause of deaths and casualties, especially in emerging or third world countries. The incidence of HIV/AIDS in the Philippines is rising with unprecedented levels. According to the health ministry and United Nations, there has been a 140 percent increase in the number of new infections reported for the past 6 years. The Philippines now has the fastest growing HIV/AID epidemic is the Asia Pacific Region. “83 Percent of new HIV cases occurred among males who have sex with males and transgender women who have sex with males.” (Murphy, E. 2016) According to the Department of Health, the number of newly diagnosed HIV cases per day in June 2016 was 26 which is 17 more than that of June 2012. HIV/AIDS is common in the National Capital Region in the Philippines with the highest number of new reported cases for May 2017 with 404 cases. More than half of those infected are males who are under the age bracket of 15-24 years old, who commonly have insufficient awareness, treatment, and the symptoms of HIV. Some cases of HIV/AIDS also include sharing of infected needles, woman to woman and man to woman sex, and mother-to-child transmission.MENTAL HEALTH IN THE PHILIPPINESThe Philippines was named as the 3rd happiest country in the world, however, the number of problematic and suicidal tell otherwise. There were more than two thousand suicide cases in the country last 2012. In a country where mental illness is surrounded by a stigma, declaring such problem will only trigger useless debacles. Most suicidal cases are from the younger sector of the society which makes it harder for them to approach someone since the older generation characterized mental health as a way to call for attention disregarding the true feelings of the young and vulnerable. As CostlyThe Philippines has several organizations mainly focused on the mental health and care of its citizens. Studies show that one in five Filipinos experiences a mental disorder. According to MIMS, the four most common mental illnesses of Filipinos are schizophrenia, substance abuse, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, and depression (Nicdao, Soriano, 2016). However, of the hundred-million citizens of the country, there exists only 700 psychiatrists and 1000 psychiatric  nurses in 2016.According to the National Statistics Office (NSO), the third most common forms of morbidity among Filipinos are mental illnesses. LOLLLL (“”According to the National Statistics Office (NSO), mental health illnesses are the third most common forms of morbidity for Filipinos.”) HAHAHAHA HAHAHHAHAH cutie PLAGIARISM DEDT.HIV AIDS AND ITS CONNECTIONS TO MENTAL HEALTH