Hitler: Lure of the Dark Side

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Hitler: Lure of the Dark Side

Marco’s was the implementer of he Martial Law which have caused a huge amount of victims in his own country. They were both incredibly cruel and were willing to do what it took, no matter what the cost was – in money or human life – to succeed in their goal, and that is political mileage who eventually were loved by their followers but hated by the rest of the world. Both dictators were very compelling and able to command people but when it comes to influencing mama’s emotions, Hitler used emotions while Marco’s used reason.

However, both dictators applied lies and propaganda’s to upkeep their separate agenda. Doll Hitler ND Lady Trainee Lady Trainee was conceivably a close analogy of Hitler. The evident parallel between the two is that they both had hated other by reason of envy. Lady Trainee was the stepmother of Cinderella who holds a great hatred towards her stepdaughter simply because she was envious of her beauty, youth and wholesome charm and Doll Hitler was anti-Semitic (hater of Jews) who was believed jealous of the prosperity of Jews enjoyed in Germany.

The two were both in the position and had the power to oppress but maintain a sham benevolence in their authority. Lady Trainee who had the authority as stepmother, hampered and abused Cinderella until she became a maid in her own home but never physically harmed her. Doll Hitler on the other hand, as the leader of Germany ordered the extermination of European Jews but never personally killed anyone. Doll Hitler and Lola Indoor Doll Hitler and Lola Indoor are two individuals from different generation not really living comparably.

One was a living being in the past who once ruled a country while the other is a fictional character today who rules her nanny’s love life. However somehow, they both possess same characteristics on how they control other people’s life. They both set goals first. Hitler wanted a final reckoning with the Jews while Lola Indoor has wanted to test a man’s love for her nanny. Then they demand, they wanted what they wanted and weren’t not going to change their beliefs for anyone or anything.

Hitler ordered the extinction of Jews while Lola Indoor is challenging Alden (her Nanny’s man) with strange tasks. And lastly, they control, they wanted others to do things for them and made them do what they told them. Doll Hitler and My Dark Side Hitler like you and me, like the rest of us, has beast crawling inside, with dripping fangs and gleaming claws, ready to pounce. But what made him different from most of us, from me, is that, he let the beast go out and dominate his entire existence.

Just like Hitler, have thoughts of selfishness, indifference and hatred but I never let those things compose who I am. I always try to understand even the most unfair things in my life. I always go back to the meaning of life in the midst of hopelessness and helplessness. And I constantly believe and center God in my life. Things that think Hitler failed to consider. He believed he was brave but then he was too fragile to let himself overpowered by darkness.


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