HISTORICAL FICTION BOOK REPORT FORMName: Eden Mulu                                                                                                           Date: January 12, 2018 Title: Stolen into Slavery (Be certain to underline the book’s title)Author: Fradin, Judith and Dennis                                                             # of pages: 120    (Last Name, First Name)SETTING Time:1840s Place: New Orlean, Louisiana MAIN CHARACTERS: List and describe in one sentence.1. Solomon Northup- A free black man that lived in Saratoga Springs, New York with his beautiful family, But that didn’t last long until these two men offered him a job as a violinist and later took him somewhere else and sold him to a slave owner. He suffered slavery for 12 years until a wonderful day came, he was free again.2. James Birch- The first slave owner that Solomon was sold to and he beat Solomon a lot saying that he was not a free man. 3. Samuel Bass- A white man that worked for Tibaut, but later helped  Solomon mail letters to the people that could get him out of slavery.4. Henry B. Northup-  A white man that was related to the owner of Solomon’s father as a slave, and there Solomon got is the last name from. Also, a lawyer that helps Solomon get out of slavery.5. Edwin Epps- Epps was a very mean slave owner that made all the slave work day to night. He made Solomon play his fiddle a lot and made the others dance all night, when he came home drunk. He was also the last owner of Solomon. THINGS I LEARNED: List five (5) new and distinctly different pieces of information you learned about this historic period as a result of reading this novel:1. One new and different piece of information I learned from the novel is that slaves were given different names and took their owners last name as theirs.2. Another information I learned from this novel is if the African Americans parent were free, then their children would also be free, but if their parents weren’t free, then their children were not either. 3.  I didn’t know that slaves were sold many times to different slave owners, as Solomon was. 4.  I already learned in the past that slaves were taken into slavery, but I didn’t know they were kidnapped that often. 5.  I also didn’t know that slave owner can just put you into slavery without seeing if you were free first, like what happened to Solomon. SIGNIFICANCE OF THE TITLE: Why do you think the author chose this title for the book? How does it relate to the book? I think the authors chose the title “Stolen Into Slavery” for this book because it is about slavery.  The title relates to the book because the story talks about a free black man who thought was going to have an opportunity as a violinist but later realizes that he is kidnapped into slavery or put into slavery.PLOT: Write an account of the major events that move the plot from A to Z. Remember: include the WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, HOW, AND WHY; make every attempt to cover all these bases. At the same time, make certain that your reader will be able to identify the major conflict in the story and how that conflict is resolved. The main character, Solomon Northup was a free black man from Saratoga Springs, New York.  He was looking for a job when two men offered him a job as a violinist claiming they needed a violinist to help with their small circus performances.  The two men gave him money and got him his free papers.  Later the next morning, Solomon found himself handcuffed and his body trembling and his head throbbing and a terrifying question in his mind “where he was?” He later found out that he was in a slave pen.  A man named James Birch sold Solomon to Theophilus Freeman.  Freeman takes Solomon and the other slaves to New Orlean, Louisiana.  There Solomon was sold to William Ford. Ford had money that he owed to a slave owner named Tibaut, who had done some work for him.  Ford had owed Tibaut six hundred dollars.  So William decided that Tibaut can have sixty percent ownership of Solomon, to pay what he owed him.  After Solomon was sold to that man, he constantly tried to hit him, but Solomon defeated him a whipped him instead.  He tries again to kill Solomon many times.  Eventually, Solomon was sold to another slave owner named Edwin Epps.  Epps got Solomon a violin to play at parties and celebrations. Solomon later met Samuel bass, who work for Edwin Epps and Solomon helped him with his work also.  When they were doing their work together, both of them became close friends, and Solomon told him his story of how he was stolen into slavery.  Samuel later helps him mail letters to the people that can help Solomon be free again.  They waited several months until the people got the mailing and started to search for Solomon.  Henry B. Northup later found out that Samuel helped Solomon, so he found him and asked him where he was. Samuel then found out he was one of the people he sent mail to and told him where and who his owner was.  After 12 devastating and tiring years, Solomon was finally a free black man again and wants back to his family.   CHANGES IN THE MAIN CHARACTER: What caused a change in the main character? Give specific examples of how the character changed. Solomon was a free man that lived happily with his family in Saratoga Springs, New York until he was kidnapped into slavery. Becoming a slave made him a different person because he realized that African Americans were being mistreated.  He said that it is very wrong to put someone into slavery. Becoming a slave gave him a sense of bravery and took risks by helping others.  Even though he is a slave worker, he knew that in his heart that he was a free black man because his skin color doesn’t define how he should be treated.  An example from the book was when it said “I have bought you and you are my slave,” said Birch, but instead Somson said ” I am a free man, a resident of  Saratoga Springs, New York, where I have a wife and children who are also free, and my name is Northup!” Solomon refused to say he was a slave even though his slave owner whipped him and punished him.  Overall Solomon’s character changed by being braver and saying what is true about him even though people mistreated him.  He was also brave by speaking out for what is right no matter what happened. PERSONAL REFLECTIONS: What surprised, interested, bothered or bored you about this book? What questions do you have for the characters or the author?I thought the book “Stolen Into Slavery” was a fascinating story.  It was very unusual how a man went from a free black man and was a slave for 12 years long years.  One thing that was surprising was how if your parents were not a free black then you aren’t either.  Another thing that was also surprising was how black men were just taken to be slaves, even though they were free.  One question I have for the Authors of this book  is “Why they wanted to write about Solomon Northup in particular and not some other slave that was stolen into slavery?” Another question I have is “If past generations have experienced slavery?”  Finally, I went to ask “If they have written story on similar topics like this book?”