“Hey Samsung and LG tried to incorporate all the

Assistant! Do my assignment” this may not work with any AI. But this year AI dominated
with advance hardware equipment at CES 2018 Las Vegas. Voice assistant not only
limited to current market rulers like Google assistant, Amazon’s Alexa, Microsoft’s
Cortana and Apple Siri. Most of the companies started with their own assistance
big giants like Samsung and LG tried to incorporate all the home electronic goodies
works with their own assistance and touch screens display. However, the major
show stealers were Asian companies.


CES 2018 its clear that brands and consumer products are evolving and now
capable of IoT (Internet of things). Home appliances like refrigerator, TVs,
Thermostats and cars are ready with IoTs where the products are connected and
exchange data. Most items either equipped with AI or connected via Wi-Fi to the
integrated ecosystem.

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of assistance. In this big league, many assistance devices are available, but the
dominance of google assistance and amazon Alexa played a major role. While
Harman Kardon launched Allure Voice – Activated Home speaker with Amazon Alexa ironically
its subsidy brand JBL launched LINK series with google assistance. Now smart
displays arrived with touch screens instead of just speaker like Amazons Echo
Show google launched about 4 smart devices with Lenovo, Sony, LG & Samsung
owned JBL which will provide better AI experience for the users.


LG and Sony are some major brands for home appliances this time they brought a variety
of Products which are IoT enabled. Samsung & LG had a big show at CES almost
90% of their appliances are capable of IoT. Both companies created an integrated
IOT strategy in their ecosystem for all products. Which are connected and controlled.

Samsung Bixby is now available in most of the appliances while LG has
introduced their robot which is LG CLOi along with their own intelligence LG
ThinQ. Samsung Connect, smart home, smart view and are now controlled with their
new app SmartThings. All this brand has a common future in TVs where it can
work as a dashboard for connected IoTs devices.


products are also showed up. Adobe Iota security system is one which will pull
the crowds. It has integrated google and amazon assistance. It has better
camera and HD live streaming, night vison motion sensor and optional 4g LTE
support along with integrated ZigBee and z-wave hubs support which will
conclude as complete home support.


of the major attraction which steals everyone eyes is Sony Aibo its famous
robotic dog. It came back into market after a decade with all the advancement incorporated
with AI. Aibo is capable of lifelike dog movements alongside with its OLED eyes
to show a range of expression. This electric hound will respond to voice
commands, barks, sit and wag its tail. Aibo eyes are sensors which can record
and take pictures. Best part of this puppy can form emotional bonds with owners,
learns and grows with time, plays with special toys & it won’t bite. Another
robot JIBO with a display could do limited AI stuff but can dance at a static
place, Ninebot Lumo works similar way to its Segway it rides with individual
along with integrated AI other like least attractive single task ping pong from
Omran. However, even robots have bad days.


of the companies choose a path for openness strategy where AI integrated
products could be updated with external partners software updates which will
provide a fast improvement in the product. Instead of the complex to insist on
proprietary closed companies. This strategy will lead to easily advancement of
the appliances and ultimately end users are benefited.