Hershey assembly process of their components such as chocolate

Hershey is the largest
chocolate candy manufacturer in the United States. Through short video, we can
understand that cocoa beans are the basic ingredients and main raw materials
for making chocolate. The first step in making chocolate is to get the cocoa
beans. At the same time, the most important thing is full fat milk, full fat
milk is also a very important factor. So Hershey built cow pastures and shipped
milk from hundreds of farms to factories to make chocolate and candy every day.

Hershey uses a continuous assembly process to make his own product. The
assembly process of their components such as chocolate and almonds together, as
shown in the video, used in making chocolate. Many different ingredients are
made together to make a piece of chocolate. The reason for the use of
continuous process is that different machines are used to make different
products. Some machines are designed for the manufacture of specific products,
and they do not exchange parts. Although chocolate may come from a blender or
from the same supply, the machines used to make each product are different. The
production of chocolate is a continuous process, because it is a long process
from beginning to end.

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Our textbook lists
several factors for choosing a manufacturing site. These factors include labor
cost, resources (including labor force), transportation, proximity to
suppliers, proximity to customers, crime rate, quality of life of employees,
cost of living and training or re training of local labor demand. In my
opinion, any company should consider all of the above factors. I think one of
the most important factors to consider is the availability of resources. The
video mentions that the location of the factory is close to the dairy farm,
because milk is the key ingredient of the product. Getting dairy farms close to
factories can help reduce the cost of transporting milk.