Health policies.Public health education – involves educational, interpersonal, community

Health Science Online EducationWhile earning a health degree online is not impossible, Health Administration degrees are more feasible and are available at a number of online educational institutions.Online degrees allow students the flexibility of studying on their own time and from any location with an Internet connection. Look into community colleges that offer an associate’s degree in two years that can be transferred to another school.You get opportunities to do internships and learn a lot from them. If you get good scores consistently above the requirement, you can be lucky enough to get a scholarship.Importance of Health Science   Improve the health behavior of your priority population through hands-on engagement, to gain a better understanding of their needs and resources.Meet the needs of your priority population by planning life-changing, interactive and informative health education/promotion programs.Encourage healthy decision-making by utilizing your creativity to implement dynamic health education programs.Improve health education/promotion practice by conducting research to evaluate program effectiveness, and sharing best practices.Improve health education/promotion practice by sharing credible resources with consumers, and sharing your expertise with other professionals.Promote population health through effective health communication, advocacy, and policies.Specializations of Health Sciences areHealth service administration – planning, organization, management, administration of health analysis.Public health policy and management – development and implementation of health policies.Public health education – involves educational, interpersonal, community and legislative issues that will better promote the best health behaviors in the community.International health public management – provides roles in international health organizations.General public health – knowledge of public health concepts, theories, and practices, and your ability to work collaboratively with other public and private sector professionally.Biostatistics – Public health education and also specific training in quantitative methods.Environment health sciences – it is concerned with public health exposure with both physical and chemical agents.Where can you work?Hospital – health care physician.Long-term Care Facilities – A facility that provides rehabilitative, restorative, and on-going skilled nursing care to patients or residents in need of assistance with activities of daily living.Mental Health Facilities- Mental Health Facilitator (MHF) program is designed to improve access to mental health care in a given community by educating and training community members from diverse backgrounds.Clinics- set up an individual clinic or work as a physician.Government Offices- work as employees in government hospitals and health centers.Laboratories- lab technician for different healthcare products.Rehabilitation Facilities – rehabilitation counselor or guide