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he first amendment in my idea is the most important amendment of them all because it gives us the most important freedoms.  We have the freedom of Religion, speech, petition, assemble and the freedom of the press. These are all the foundation for our wonderful country we call the United States of America. People have the freedom to go in front of a courthouse and assemble and say what they don’t like. We can write a petition to have no uniform at a certain school By law we can stay there or write it as long as it does not get violent.i can be in a library and start making my ablutions in the bathroom so i can go pray. If i don’t like someone in the government I cannot go and say I hate him but I can criticize him. I can write a truthful news paper  about a person. So in total the first amendment is allowing us to gather in front of a courthouse, making a petition, writing a newspaper, say whatever we want to the government and practice any religion publicly and privately without persecution.   The first amendment in the bill of rights  is the freedom of religion. It says that we can practice any religion or no religion at all. Part of this is that they keep the church and religion out  of it. This means that the government can not under any circumstances(Donald Trump) penalize you for what you believe in. This clause is ohne of the many reasons that the United States of America has avoided religious conflicts that have broken apart other countries. It also restricts the government encouraging and religion at all. That is why we do not have any official religion in The United States of America. The government is also not allowed to provide a special school with money just because it practices a religion that they support. Many schools voucher programs violate this law. They give some tax payers money to give to religious schools. The government also does the Lemon test. Basicly the Lemon test is a way of determining whether a government act goes against the constitutional policy or not. The Lemon test states that for a law or policy to be constitutional it has to fall under these three categories: Have  non-religious purpose; not end up promoting or favoring any set of religious beliefs; and  not overly involve the government with religion. These are the three categories which restricts the law making process for religion. The next part of the first amendment is the freedom of the press.  The freedom of the press is a very important part of the government. We can post important fact and news. There are also tons of free medias which can act as watchdogs. They can investigate and tell us about the government wrong doings. There has been a very big rise in false informations and lies being spread around the internet and social media. These lies can ruin people’s lives and they already have. There has also been a lost of bad things happening on social medias. There are also newspapers that over exaggerate the fact on everything and lie. A lot of newspapers are online and have no true facts and no one does anything to stop it. These days people can do anything they want on the