HE accounts as “censoring”. 4. That’s the issue, companies

HE RESPONDED1. With net neutrality, the government wasn’t allowed to regulate things in the first place. 2. These big corporations don’t already throttle speeds, I don’t know where you got that from. They don’t block anything unless you count banning innapropriate accounts as “censoring”. 4. That’s the issue, companies will have to pay these special prices to ISPs to get in these fast lanes while everything else gets slowed down. Causing us consumers to get higher prices. 5. Yeah, I’m sure it’ll give us lower prices and allow for competition when there’s so much throttling to smaller companies. You honestly are so against it just because it’s “Obama era”. The thing about net neutrality is it stopped the government from interfering. They don’t benefit from the repeal, they lose money from having to pay ISPs to avoid throttling. Not to mention if Comcast didn’t like Netflix, they can just block it or throttle it to such slow speeds it’s unusable or until Netflix decides to pay them a big sum of that green paper that screws everything over. Like I said before, you just dislike it because of it being “Obama era”. I wonder how this vote would of turned out of Verizon didn’t pay everyone off and lobby. You know, because net neutrality has an 80% public approval rating. Some of the smartest and most influential people in the world that are 50x smarter than us and have a better grab on what this will do, say this is a terrible, terrible thing. By the way, your passive aggressive thumbs up is far more annoying then anything else you said above.Not to mentiom, you wanna talk about the corruption in the FCC? We can’t forget about your Lord and savior Ajit Pai and apparent posts/commend from dead people about supporting the repeal? I didn’t know dead people could post online. But what I do know is he is a shill for Verizon and just trying to give his old corporate buddies a helping hand.comments*Oh and the whole “it promotes small businesses” is a flat out lie. Say if a big company like Google sees a rival video platform. They can just be like “Hey Comcast we’ll pay you 100k to throttle connections to that website” That really helps small businesses to grow huh?The whole “big companies throttling certain Web pages they don’t like” thing wouldn’t be possible. They can’t control your traffic. That’s illegal under net neutrality. I also forgot to cover your 6th point. It wasn’t working before, that’s just a flat out lie. I suggest you read this article.