Having had a successful six-year career in the Royal

Having had a successful six-year career in the Royal Navy, it may seem a little unusual that I2    am now applying to study Economics and History. Following initial training at Britannia Royal3    Naval College, Dartmouth, I was appointed to the role of Royal Navy logistics officer. As a4    logistics officer, you’ll always have been one step ahead of global operations and naval5    functions, as you manage six months’ worth of equipment and supplies. I enjoyed specialist6    training at the Defence Maritime Logistics School eventually being promoted to the role of7    Lieutenant Deputy and being deployed around the world. Within a few years though, I realised8    that my role was insightful, and hands-on physical, but not a long-term career prospect and9    decided to pursue further study in Economics and History with the wealth of experience and10    knowledge I had gathered. United in their drive to understand how societies function and11    develop, they can be highly complementary disciplines.12     13    During my deployments, I have worked in the USA, Belgium, Holland, Oman, Kuwait, Iraq,14    Afghanistan and UAE. I was often living in places of immense economic uncertainty which15    sparked my curiosity to examine the rationale of consumers, firms and governments. Newspaper16    headlines around the world introduced me to the economic influence on everything we do and17    think. The severity of the disparity in the problems I encountered globally from a financial18    crisis to poverty attracted economic study to me. The idea of using Economics to improve19    people’s lives is thrilling. When I was a ‘normal age’ student, my passion for mathematics was20    born from an appreciation of the significance of maths in assisting me in my Naval ambitions.21    More recently, I privately studied my A Levels in Maths to explore the quantitative methods,22    which make economic theory more rigorous. An example of this is using trigonometry to model23    scenarios that allow informed predictions. My recent A-level studies in Maths, History and24    Economics have confirmed my commitment to academia and encouraged me to challenge and expand25    upon my perceptions of the subjects. My study of history allowed me to gain quantitative26    insights through the use of new tools of analysis. My economic research always had historical27    awareness at the forefront to identify any theories or patterns.28     29    I am fascinated by the role of the individual within the full events of history. From the30    accounts of soldiers in the trenches of WWI in ‘The Soldier’s War’ by Richard Van Emden to the31    work of leading historians, such as Stephen Turnbull and Hague’s biography of Pitt the32    Younger. His knowledge of today’s politics and the politics of previous centuries helped me to33    bridge the gap between the two. Another book that stood out to me was “Development as34    Freedom”, Amartya Sen, in which he challenged the use of conventional economic theories35    involving the connection between money and welfare and the balance of philosophy and economics36     37    I hope to pursue a career in academia within Economic History. In addition to my experience in38    the Navy. To ensure I have knowledge and understanding of Economics and History in relation to39    the global world. I focused on volunteering with organisations within my local community,40    which focused on social mobility and the impact of economic distress. I worked for The Princes41    Trust for the Enterprise programme equipping low-income youths with the training, financial42    and mentoring support they need to start their own business. I also did an internship in43    December 2017 as a policy assistant for world’s leading private investors in infrastructure;44    GIIA. I provided support to ensure that GIIA is well-positioned as the authoritative voice of45    the sector within the UK and international regulatory and policy communities. Outside of46    academics and my career, I enjoy several hobbies such as amateur theatre and snowboarding. I47    have taken part in many productions with the Royal Navy Amateur Theatre Association.