Having consulting role. Pursuing Masters in Management Consultancy interests

Having worked in railway signalling firm for three
years as reliability engineer, I acknowledged that automation drives efficacy
in manufacturing business to meet varying demands. The process of brainstorming
with engineering manager and clients such as government representatives of
metro projects, solving real problems and committing to
produce increasingly advanced and safe products for greater mobility are one
of the most satisfying accomplishments I have had. Impact creation, analytical
thinking and team building are now intrinsic to managing businesses. Management
consulting will provide me an opportunity to create tangible impact. Working
with both Italian and US colleagues on Kolkata metro project, I optimized simulation
tool that produced results such as scaling up efficiency and cost reductions.
Scheduled interaction with country head representative and stakeholders has
polished my rational thinking and presentation skills, which are key to a
consulting role.

Pursuing Masters in Management Consultancy
interests me due to three main primers. Operating in a team with geographically
diversified pool of people ensures that the learning curve is steep and vast.
Secondly, I found the course content designed to meet the contemporary needs
with modules such as Economic Foundations of Strategy and Management Consulting
Principles, which will help explore key variables driving the industry and to
bridge the gap in my current understanding of global business to aspired level.
In addition, Smurfit’s interactive and experiential pedagogy with real business
case studies and array of student clubs will enrich my social dynamics.  Moreover,
its one-year curriculum and intensive industry networking to carry out
internships with renowned organizations will offer me an opportunity to work in
different industry verticals thus providing flexibility and exposure.

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In five years, I hope to be in a technology consultant role to manage and take
initiatives in dealing with high-technology industries. I believe the
amalgamation of technical expertise I have acquired along in the manufacturing
industry together with the Masters degree will propel me to the level I seek in
my career.