Have sharks, but they kill about only 10 people

Have you ever been scared of an animal? A shark? A wolf? Perhaps a Lion? When you compare any of those to the animal I am going to talk to you about, they seem like wimps. Despite the spanish term for mosquito ( little fly ), this animal is a beast. You may be deathly afraid of sharks, but they kill about only 10 people per year. You are more likely to get killed in a  vending machine accident than being eaten by a shark. If you look at a mosquito on the other hand, they kill about 725,000 people per year!   Dengue/Aedes Aegypti The picture to the left is one of the deadliest types of mosquitoes, one that causes almost ¼ of deaths caused by mosquitoes, the  Aedes Aegypti. This breed of mosquitoes transmit the deadly disease of Dengue. This is how so many people die each year. Mosquitoes give off the most deadly diseases ever. These diseases include Dengue, Yellow fever, Zika, and one of the greatest diseases of all, Malaria.             Malaria/Anopheles  The picture shown to the left is an Anopheles mosquito, this is the mosquito that transmits Malaria, one of the worst type of diseases out there, this disease causes almost ½ of the deaths caused by mosquitoes. People who have experienced Malaria have said it feels like pure lightning traveling through your body.                                                         Mosquito Needle                                                                                                                                                                      People might have not known this, but inside a mosquitoes mouth, there is actually 6 needles. The 2 on the very outside, are used as saws, for the mosquitoes to dig into our skin. They are so sharp, that the mosquito barely has to push down. The next pair of needles hold apart our skin tissues, while she works. Out of the remaining 2 needles, one has receptors on the tip, to pick up chemicals on our blood cells, to find our blood vessels to drink. She uses this same needle as a straw to suck up our blood. The last needle is used to spit chemicals into our body, to get our blood flow moving, that way it is faster to find a blood vessel.                                                             Bill Gates                                                                                                                                            The picture shown above shows how many people die each year because of animals. You can clearly see how much of a difference there is between the deaths caused by mosquitoes, and the deaths caused by other animals. This chart was made by the world’s second richest man, Bill Gates. He is using his money wisely and is spending it on something called “Mosquito Week”( like Shark Week except with Mosquitoes ). In Mosquito Week, Bill Gates shows what he is doing to make the number of deaths because of mosquitoes go down. In this following clip, Bill Gates explains how dangerous mosquitoes actually are. Press this link: https://youtu.be/tt4JWHRFK Wolbachia Have you ever heard of Wolbachia? Wolbachia is a bacteria that disables mosquitoes of transmitting dengue. What Mr. Gates has done, is he has transmitted a bunch of mosquitoes with Wolbachia, and then, set them all free into a small city. When the mosquitoes that are transmitted with Wolbachia, mate with mosquitoes that aren’t, the Wolbachia spreads to the untransmitted mosquitoes. If this works in small urban cities, Mr. Gates will do the same thing in large populated cities where there is a lot of mosquito problems. Prosper Chaki Speaking of Bill Gates, he has been working with a medical entomologist in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania named Prosper Chaki. Prosper Chaki has been a victim of malaria several times before and knows what it is like. Prosper Chaki also works with the Ifakara Health Institute. According to what Prosper Chaki has said, mosquitoes are extremely intelligent. “They change behavior, according to how humans behave.” said Prosper Chaki. “If the human spends more time outdoors, they will adapt to outdoor feeding, and likewise, if they spend more time indoors, they go indoors” he says. His goal is to reduce the incidence of malaria in Dar es Salaam. He will do this with the help of the Urban Malarial Control Program, by applying a microbial larvicide to mosquitoes breeding habitats (usually in water), that will kill the mosquitoes 5in their aquatic stage. He has extremely reached his goal, because in 2003, malaria has been the number one cause for hospital visits (in Dar es Salaam), but after the program, they have decreased by 75%. People who have read this article, from now on, I encourage you guys to try not to get bitten by mosquitoes, and after reading this article, you should know that I am not just saying that because you will get itchy red dots on your body.