Have Radioactivity. Her scientific work made a remarkable streak

Have you ever wondered how people survive from cancer? Today’s world is constantly developing and trying to find better ways to treat cancer, but the treatment got better over a 100 years ago with radium and polonium, two elements that make us feel much better after a surgery or a procedure. Thanks to Marie Curie. Marie Sk?odowska Curie was born on November 7th 1867 ,grew up in Warsaw, Poland. She was a french physicist and Chemist who conducted pioneering research on Radioactivity. Her scientific work made a remarkable streak in history because she was the first female professor in science which broke down many barriers for women and young girls. The parents of Marie curie were Wladyslaw Sklodowski who was her father and her mother Bronis?awa Sk?odowska. She attended “Elementary school” and high school in “New town.”At a young age Marie curie was interested in science.Since she was a female she couldn’t continue in science because in poland they were not allowed . But she kept on trying. Later in 1891 she went to france to her pursue her science career and got a degree in Paris for science and mathematics. Afterwards, Marie became a professor and taught science at University Of Paris.  Later on in Paris, she saw the wounded soldiers in pain who had fought for her country and thought she could help out since she was very developped in Science. She knew that there weren’t many resources to perform a proper surgery. And for the research she wanted more space than her small lab. A friend introduced her to another young scientist, Pierre Curie, who had some extra room. Not only did Marie move her equipment into his lab, Marie and Pierre fell in love and got married. The following week or two they found the harmful properties of x-rays  which were able to kill tumors. Therefore her and Pierre made the attempt to try to make it work in a surgery and it worked.By the end of World War I, Marie Curie was known as the most famous woman in the world.In 1911,Finally she made some amazing contributions for the world and her home country, and she won the Nobel prize who was the first woman to win and achieve a prize in science with her husband “Pierre Curie”. On July 4th,1934 Marie Sklodowska curie died of  leukemia,She will probably be best remembered for her hard work, her determination and most importantly for her courage. Also she will be best known for the understanding of radioactivity and the effects of x-rays.Some fun facts: when she discovered the two elements, Radium stands for Ray and Polonium stands for her country Poland.