Have a cool place for dogs and owners to

Have you ever heard of
dog-friendly cafes? Most often than not, we step out from our houses for a
casual meal, conversation with friends & other leisure activities, and we’d
like to take our pooch with us. But sadly, there aren’t many dine-outs in the
country which allow dogs to accompany their owners.

As the traditional café
culture is surprisingly evolving specially in metro cities, the owners are
experimenting with innovative ideas and themes to make their establishments a
stand out and unique among the existing ones. These cafes are not only serving finger-licking
food, they’re also giving out some revolutionary options to attract majority of

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Today, as more and more
people want to dine & spend time with their pets in special places, niche
pet cafes have sprouted up in all major cities around the country. Peep down to
know the exclusive cafes where you can have a memorable time with your furry friend.

1)    “Puppychino” in New Delhi

Touted as the first dog
café in the nation’s capital with its presence in the posh Hauz Khas village,
Puppychino is the perfect place to share a meal with your pet with many canine-related
activities like celebrating birthdays, hosting competitions, etc. Boarding individual
sections for dining and play with a separate dog menu serving multiple varieties,
the café also stocks dog merchandise like collars, bows, leashes, bandanas and
treats. What more does a dog want?

2)    “Mutt Hutt” in Mumbai

This pop-up café goes
with the tagline “Even Humans Are Allowed” and this is enough to know their
catering methodology. Initiated by two sisters in Mumbai, Mutt Hutt is the
ideal eatery to relax and have fun with your family, which includes your
four-legged doggie as well. From spas, theme-based parties, camping trips,
outdoor carnivals to night camps & many more exciting events, we’re a cool
place for dogs and owners to chill out.

3)    “Sunny’s” in Bangalore

Named after the
gorgeous golden retriever belonging to the café owner, Sunny’s is a European
restaurant with a pet-friendly ambience. With authentic flavours and delightful
atmosphere, dogs can freely hangout with their owners in the largely-spread
garden area. Though a bit on the expensive side, Sunny’s is a must-try place
for all people who’d love to dine with their pets.

4)     “Crimson Chakra” in Chennai

One of the first places
in Tamil Nadu to launch a pooch-friendly service, Crimson Chakra is a
fine-dining restaurant serving amazing appams, chicken lasagne, Nachos and a
wide variety of South, North and Continental food. The outdoor seating offers a
pleasant atmosphere to your four-legged friend and trained caretakers will keep
them happy with delicacies and food treats. A must-visit for all pets!

5)    “Gostana” in Mumbai

Flagged off in 2012,
Gostana was one among the first spaces in the financial city to welcome pets
into their eatery. Located in Bandra, the all-day cafeteria is famous for its
healthy burgers, sandwiches and beverages with a separate menu for dogs as
well. Greeted by the cute Labrador named Apple at the entrance, the café owner
herself is an avid dog-lover and perfectly knows how to run a pet-friendly

6)    Bagel Shop in Mumbai

Popularly known for
bagels and smoothies, Bagel shop is a quaint café with pet toys and a large
area of space for your pet to play around. Enjoy the delicious French breakfast
while your pet can roam and snooze in our lawn area. By the way, Bagel Shop is
quite famous for its mouthwatering snacks.

7)    Green Theory in Bangalore

If you’re a veggie and
desire to dine with your pet, get yourself into Green Theory which serves
quality authentic food like Mexicorn Pizza, Vegetable Boxty, Pasta Spinach and
watermelon smoothie. Famous for its eco-friendly ambience, your pet will be
taken care of, while you gorge onto our amazing food.

8)    “Throttle Shrottle” in Delhi

This bike-themed café located
on the Faridabad-Gurgaon highway is very popular among bikers. Converted from a
workshop into an eatery, the café serves a wide range of dishes ranging from
parathas, burgers and sandwiches to litti chokha. Considered an adda to all
bike enthusiasts, the café caters to your pets too with yummy and finger-licking

just listed some popular ones, but there are more to explore. If you know more
dog-friendly cafes, put them in the comment space.