Hailing name is a misnomer. Sarcastic and cynical because

Hailing from the Isle of Tarth, Brienne the Beauty’s name is a misnomer. Sarcastic and cynical because her intimidating size was met with mockery when she tried to show feminine grace. The sole heir of Lord Selwyn Tarth of Evenfall hall, she still believes in the honour knighthood should hold. For she believes in becoming a knight and does give her loyalty easily to those who treat her with courtesy. Despite many marriage prospects, her aptitude for swordplay, nerves of Valyrian steel  and cynicism has seen future marriage alliances for the Maid of Tarth thin upon the ground.Not considering herself worthy of her birth right as a lady and striving to live up to the ideal of a true knight, she joins the self-proclaimed King Renly Baratheon’s forces in the War of the Five Kings by winning a tournament by being victorious over Renly’s favourite, Ser Loras Tyrell, much to Loras’ derision. Her request to joining Renly’s Rainbow Guard is granted. Her love is obvious for Renly for he has shown her kindness in her youth and thus proved her loyalty.Unfortunately, Renly’s demise by a shadow borne by his rival brother Stannis Baratheon’s red witch Melisandre causes her to flee along with another suspected culprit, Catelyn Stark. She then pledges fealty to her with Catelyn’s promise that Brienne would get revenge upon Stannis in future.Travelling to the North, Catelyn’s son, Robb Stark, The King in the North, had captured Jaime Lannister in retaliation to his sisters imprisonment of Catelyn’s two other daughters, Sansa and Arya, in King’s Landing. With Jaime’s words of promise of exchange of prisoners, he was released without Robb’s consent by Catelyn and Brienne was charged with returning him to King’s Landing and to keep her two daughters in safekeeping. Her prowess, naivety and the fact that she could hold her ground against him, impressed Jaime and he developed a soft spot for her. In return, she also grew an affection for Jaime as he was part of the esteemed Kingsguard, much to her chagrin and caused conflicted emotions.Through many trials and tribulations, her feelings of reverence for Jaime grew stronger as he saved her life and from rape by his wit and false offerings of jewels and riches for she did hail from the famed Sapphire Isle, especially when he lost his sword hand in retaliation by the would be rapist, Lord Locke. He also came to her rescue from being mauled by a bear for sport even after he had been granted freedom by Lord Bolton (despite Lord Bolton’s allegiance to Robb Stark).Eventually, arriving at King’s Landing, Jaime cannot guarantee Sansa and Arya’s safety as Arya had disappeared and Sansa held at court in defiance of the King in the North’s rebellion against the Crown due to the beheading of Eddard Stark.At Joffrey Baratheon and Margaery Tyrells wedding (Margaery now betrothed to Joffrey as her marriage to Renly was now void and to ensure the allegiance of the Reach to the Crown), Margaery corrects the accusation of Brienne being responsible for Renly’s murder and Cersei thanks Brienne for bringing her beloved brother, Jaime home. Cersei becomes irritated when Brienne states that Jaime has saved her numerous times and is further infuriated when Brienne doesn’t respond to her wonderings aloud that Brienne has feelings of love towards Jaime, for Cersei has had an incestuous relationship with her twin brother for years.In a change of heart, presenting her with a 1/2 (or bastard) sword that was forged out of Ice, Eddard Starks (Sansa’s father) great sword, Jaime tasks Brienne with finding Sansa as she had escaped King’s Landing after being accused of murdering King Joffrey at his wedding feast, after naming the new sword Oathkeeper. Along with Podrick, an unwanted but accepted companion, she sets off to find Sansa.Failing to keep Sansa safe after finding her in the company of Lord Baelish and Sansa’s dubiousness of Brienne’s oath to the now deceased Catelyn, they overhear that Arya is now in the hands of the Hound, otherwise known as Sandor Clegane one of the greatest swordsmen of the realm. Upon finding Arya, Brienne duels with the Hound to gain guardianship of Arya. After a brutal and bloody fight, she strives to live up to ideal of a knight and being merciful, expresses that she had no wish to kill him but he continues to fight so, after defeating the Hound and assuming him dead, she finds that Arya has escaped.Brienne then returns her attention back to Sansa and she fails to save her yet again from Moat Cailin where Sansa had been held captive before being married to the brutal Ramsay Bolton. She waits for the opportunity to save her but she learns that Stannis in the vicinity and she finally gets her revenge after finding Stannis and being a strong and skilled fighter,  beheads him with a single stroke.Meanwhile, Theon Greyjoy has rescued Sansa and they meet up upon the road and head towards Castle Black at The Wall and Lord Commander Jon Snow who is Sansa’s half-brother.At Castle Black, Brienne finds it uncomfortable when the wildling Tormund Giantsbane gazes appreciatively with no relent for he appreciates a woman of a largesse build and holds no regard to the realms rules of décor.Brienne is then sent off on another task to acquire Bryden Tully’s help in retaking Winterfell for Ramsay Bolton had taken it and was threatening harm unless Sansa was returned to him. Bryden Tully, otherwise known as the Blackfish, was Catelyn’s uncle and therefore Sansa’s great uncle, and should be honour bound to come to the aid of his family. But he was besieged at Riverrun by the Frey’s and Lannister’s as his nephew, Edmure was held prisoner by Lord Walder Frey. Brienne meets with Jaime Lannister once again to ask to meet with the Blackfish to convince him to relent his hold on Riverrun and help the Starks. But she states that if she fails she would be compelled by honour to fight against Jaime. He voices his hope that it doesn’t come to that and tells her to keep the sword as she tries to return it as she failed to find Arya. The Blackfish does not heed Brienne’s request and escapes a storming of Riverrun alone. Brienne also escapes the fighting on a boat but she spies Jaime now on the battlement and they share a woeful, quiet farewell by waving silently, both subconsciously acknowledging lost possibilities.Arriving back in the North, in the aftermath of the Battle of the Bastards, in which Jon triumphs over Ramsay, she is surprised and delighted, when Jon declares that women are also to be trained in battle alongside men for the upcoming war with The Nights King for she had often been underrated and underappreciated due to her gender. After the return of Arya, she is left impressed by Arya’s skills after sparring and reaching a stalemate.After growing up in courts, she is not a stranger to deceit and falsities, Baelish’s attentions on Sansa did not miss her shrewd gaze. But, after warning Sansa of Baelish’s dubious intentions and voices concern over how he may cause a rift between Arya and Sansa, she is seemingly tricked by Baelish into travelling to King’s Landing with Jon Snow to represent Sansa at the parley between Cersei, who now rules the Seven Kingdoms and the North who wants the north in its own right.In the Dragons Pit, where the parley takes place, she discovers the Hound alive and they find out that they both wanted to protect Arya despite the possibility of a reward for her safety, and they fondly reminisce Arya’s formidableness. Defiantly standing with Jon’s party and declaring her support to the North and subsequently Daenerys Targaryen’s claim to the Iron Throne, once again, she finds herself on opposite sides to Jaime but she begs him to convince Cersei to join them against a common enemy and as he reveres her, he complies and Cersei seemingly agrees.