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Acupuncture is a form of alternative treatment involving insertion of needles or applying diverse rules to the acupuncture points in the body. The process encourages the body to heal and restore its balance naturally. This process is safe and valuable when carried out by a skilled practitioner.

Types of disorders treated through acupuncture.

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Acupuncture can positively treat a myriad of medical conditions such as:

Paralysis from stroke
Common cold
AllergiesSinusitis, and
Gastrointestinal disorders.

Acupuncture is also a useful treatment of rheumatoid disorders and as a reliable relief to those suffering from either osteoarthritis or arthritis. There is also scientific evidence of its use in the curing of environmentally stimulated infections due to air pollution, pesticide poisoning, emissions, and harmful compounds.
Also, in severe abdominal circumstances, such as appendicitis, gallstones and kidney stone attacks, acupuncture equally stops any other progression of diseases in the body.
Selecting a competent practitionerMany of healthcare personnel’s provide acupuncture services after a short training. On the other hand, the concept of acupuncture is intricate; the patient should only seek and use the services of a qualified practitioner. The patient doesn’t require a recommendation from a doctor to seek the services of an acupuncturist.
How acupuncture is performed

Pre-sterilized non-reusable needles are the commonly used. Depending on the area of the treatment, the patient either sits or lies down. Correctly finished, acupuncture is painless. When the process is initiated, he or she experiences a placid stinging around the spot, warmth, weightiness, or feel nothing at all.
Acupuncture is done using one or more of these techniques:

TCM remedial massage
Chinese herbs

After a healthy session of acupuncture, the patient basically feels relaxed and invigorated, nevertheless specific reactions depend on the person. For instance, a person may feel energized, whilst another feel drowsy. The broad philosophy of acupuncture is to re-establish the natural stability of energy inside the body. After achieving stability, no need for other treatment.

Acupuncture, if carried out by an inexperienced practitioner, is fatal; it may lead to countless clinical conditions such as:
Damage to the skin – inept insertion, or ingress of a pine needle into a blood vessel, can cause bruising, pain as well as bleeding.
Allergic reactions – thymes are occasionally burnt over the patient’s skin to produce definite points of heat close to acupuncture spots. Herbs are as potent as pharmaceutical prescriptions and need handling with the same value and carefulness.

Unforeseen side effects-these may include an increase in dejection, insomnia, convulsions as well as pain. Acupuncture can generate considerable alterations within the central nervous system and it is imperative that the proper points are enthused in the correct approach.