Growing someone asks, it’s because they are trying to

Growing up, I was asked open-ended questions like do you
think this is the right thing to do? What is your opinion on this problem? Why
do you think that? These questions later turned into statements I was told to
follow so I fit in with the crowd. In high school it got harder. When I tried
to talk about what I thought about impactful topics like the 2017 Presidential
election, abortion laws, immigration laws, and gun regulation, I was ridiculed
for it. Growing up in a conservative town has taught me to keep my mouth shut
because my opinions don’t actually matter, and if someone asks, it’s because
they are trying to be polite. If I was able to meet with a legislator to
discuss all of my concerns, it would take a while.

One topic I would discuss would be our current education
system; teachers teach to a test and students memorize. As a current high
school student I cannot recall the last time I learned something for the sake
of learning. I come from a family of educators, so I know all about the late
night lesson plans and preparing presentations that appeal to visual, auditory,
and kinesthetic learners. Our test scores are decent but how many of those who
test in high school go on to graduate with a college degree? In order for us to
have an effective education system we should minimize the amount of
standardized testing we put students through.

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I would also deliberate on proper police protocol to
protect minorities. The police shouldn’t feel threatened by another seventeen
year old Trayvon Martin walking home from school due to the color of his skin.
The police should be held to a higher standard than they have in the past.
Civilians that are not of a white ethnicity should not have to fear their
protectors. The police are here to protect not to invoke more harm.

Lastly would be Trump’s plan to implement a wall keeping
illegal immigrants out. How much would it cost to implement? It would be
American tax dollars and money from the government that we don’t have and
should be spent in other places like; education, healthcare, and social
security. Let’s not forget how much time it’s supposed to take to build and how
many people it would require to build it. This country was based on freedom and
building a better life. We’re unaware of the circumstances immigrants face and
the obstacles they have to go through to build a better life for themselves and
family. Why should we deprive them of that?   

When I envision my future, I see myself earning a law
degree and opening my own practice by thirty-five, doing so would allow me to
impact lives. Whether it is one person or several hundred, I want any opportunity
to make a difference. Your scholarship would be a great honor allowing me to do