Greece a broader blockade. This led to the Suez


Historical General Assembly 1956

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Topic A : The Suez Crisis


The Egypt has nationalized the Suez Canal on 26th July
1956. Needless to say, the Suez Canal has been a huge international trade route
which connects the Europe, Middle East and Asia. Therefore, nationalizing the
Suez Canal will create disagreement from many countries since it has an
economic potential leverage for controlling it. Egyptian President would to use
the tolls finance to the building of the Aswan Dam. However, since Egypt became
an independent country, it has a full-power hegemony regarding its territorial.
Egypt also closes the canal to Israeli shipping as part of a broader blockade.
This led to the Suez Crisis in which the UK, France, and Israel invaded Egypt. Greece
strongly believes a stance of benevolent neutrality towards Egypt. The Egypt is
a newborn country that we believe having the potentials to be a huge country,
just started by taking it steps by nationalizing the canal. The canal is
important in the international economic community and would need a rapid
response to be addressed. These conflicts have been a fault, where hundreds of
Egyptians’ prisoners having dependence on humanitarian aids which led into
humanitarian issues. Furthermore, the infrastructure of the camp was completely
inadequate to support such a large population of refugees and also causing the
death of approximately 1000 civilians and 1650 Egyptian military.


During the great growth in the 19th century, The Paroikia
(a Greek community in Egypt) gained unprecedented prosperity on European trade
with Egypt during the reign of Muhammad Ali. However, the rise of Egyptian
nationalism and especially of Arab socialism in the late 1950s had a huge
impact on the Egyptian Greeks, and on the other foreign minorities, the great
majority of whom were forced to leave the country and settle in Greece and
elsewhere. Following the Second World War, Greece faced the political challenge
that allying with the Western as a NATO member and promoting friendly relation
with Arab World. Moreover, Greece intended to move as an independent state with
an autonomous foreign policy less bound by our orientation towards to the West.
Greek foreign policy retains the fundamental principles that have shaped our
country’s destiny. The foreign policy of Greece is geared to defend and promote
our national interests in the context of our alliances and commitments, to seek
peace and stability in the region, and to assist the global community in its
efforts to alleviate pain, end hunger, reaffirm the rule of law, and deal with
the causes and the occurrence of violence. Situated in a critical corner of the
globe, Greece has long experiences and great memories of war and violence and
is fully prepared to use that experience toward creating a peaceful world.
These policy helped Egypt to facilitate Nasser’s effort.


However, passing the territorial boundary of a country with
the intention to intervene and invade that country is a complete wrong action.
This raises questions over the sovereignty of a country, and peace throughout
the world. Based on the article 33 of the UN charter which is a must to find
solutions for peaceful means, thus, we would like to propose a solution
named “SCAVES” which means “The Suez Canal Surveillance System”. The UN will
declare an authority of the Suez Canal which consists of the leading countries
based on these issues. However, the Egypt will have the major authority which
is to operate the canal. The SCAVES will eradicate the manipulation on toll
fees over the canal, cut fees for major leading countries and certify the
sovereignty of the Egypt. And last but not least, indeed, maintaining peace.
The second solution, we suggests an establishment of an Independent Arbitration
Body cooperating with the UN, named SCE (Special Court of Egypt) to prevent and
solve any other problems in the future. And third, we recommend the
establishment of POSEIDON to the UNSC. POSEIDON means Peace on Suez Immediately
Declared upon Humanity. In recent situation, recalling the actions by conflicting
countries, has affected many people’s life. The POSEIDON will deploy troops on
the borders of conflicting countries and send humanitarian aids for those whom
in need.