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Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen today I’d like to beclear about what I’m about to do I’m about to cast amagical Spell on You a magical spell thatis unlike any other this magic willconsume you and affect every part of your life but worry not for itis the good kind and for it to work you have to pay attention I’m talking aboutspeeches it’s a magical thingit can start a revolutionIt can grant you immortality in the legacy you leave behindIt can be persuasive but a bad speech will lay flat on theear so what about puttinga speech on stage just like what I’m doing hereYou see if I talk to you wearing a suit or tie or somethingthat is fashionable, you would think that’s normal, right?But what if I came here naked you would think he’s full ofair you wouldn’t be persuaded into anything what I say the power speecheshave is raw but it has to be controlled by the speaker it’s unbiased and mostimportantly it’s in each and everyone of you the way you speak the ideas youpresent the character you have created for your own self and the way youcommunicate with other is all considered a part of speech and when we look athistory we can see characters like Martin Luther King who did great things forthe African-American for the African Americans in America fighting and we canalso see on the contrary people like Hitler who were able to destroy housesmelt nations to the ground and start historical tragedies Adolf Hitler one of the worstdictators, if not the worst, in recorded history was responsible for 60 to 85million deaths during the World War II as he had triggered the conflict hisname brings connotations of murder, misery and conflict and warfare Holocaustand the attempted extermination of Jews and other minoritiesBut, and this is a very big but, Hitler was a powerfulpresenter and a spellbinding speaker who attracted a wide following of Germansdesperate for change he promised the disenchanted a better life and the newglorious Germany You see, Adolf Hitler was a Class 1 presenter and a betterspeaker he was able to captivate his listeners from minute 1 how did he do thatpeople like Adolf Hitler Break The Stereotype of what a normal person can dowith minimal capability He invested himself in the fears and broken hopes of Germanmasses back thenPlus the Great Depression made it so that everyone waslooking for change fear and anger is a deadly mix that results in misery andchaos but what about a good example we can see that Martin Luther King from thepeople like Martin Luther King who had done great things his speech I Have aDream was voted as the most influential speech in that centuryHe wanted equality for all people he kept trying and tryingand he took stands againstpeople against powerful people when no one else would he was trying anddoubted and threatened even Martin Luther King got peoplearound the world to look past black labeling and accept and love him we can learn a greatdeal from people like himHe had a vision he was smart and he was kind and he was ableto channel his Visions through his speeches to this day we cansee the effect of people like Adolf and Martin but how can you be changedthrough speeches all to you I bring a story that I had while I was in languageSchool my friend Micha Micha was a kind loving person but he was very shy hewould not dare to speak in front of a crowd but one day our language Schooldecided to hold its annual speaking contest and with the help of his friendsand his colleagues he was able to be pushed on the stage and when he went upstage he spoke about his shyness and how’s that disadvantage made it so that hehad to pull the courage to stand in front of a crowd and speak and in that dayhe won the contest and he touched many hearts including mine so this day I comewith the same message speech is a powerful tool speech is in everyone of youisn’t this why we’re all here gathered for. Speech can bring a nation from theground or it can destroy people it’s up to you to use it and maybe just maybewhen you tell your speech a heart will be touched thank you very much forlistening